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Have you ever tried shopping online before? Well, you probably have, if you’re here reading this post. So, as you are browsing through a store’s catalog and offerings, have you ever felt anxious with the upcoming checkout process? Does it ever cross your mind that you might have to input tons of information, only to end up getting tired of doing it and just cancelling your transaction at the end of the day?

Arguably, we’ve all been there. We get so overwhelmed by a store’s checkout page because it asks too much from us, when all we ever want is to give it our money and receive what we are about to order. This is why a highly professional and well thought out checkout page is so important to achieve when creating an online store — once you nail it, you can trust that sales will eventually and continuously come knocking at our doors.

We’ve done pretty well so far in this How to Dropship using CommerceHQ free online course! If you have been a follower of this series, you should know how much work we have put into creating the most profitable dropshipping store — we have done meticulous product research and basically crafted our CommerceHQ store from the ground up; all we need now is a neat and professional checkout page to help our customers successfully confirm their orders so we could start making profit!

In this post, I am going to show you how you can setup your checkout page using CommerceHQ, and which setup is the best to use to secure orders from your customers.

The Best Checkout Setup in CommerceHQ

To setup your checkout page on CommerceHQ, go to Store Setup > Checkout Page, where you will be taken to the Checkout settings page. CommerceHQ give you 4 options for your checkout page’s layout, depending on the number of steps that you would prefer your customers undergo.

Of course, you are free to choose whichever you like, but if you must know, I spoke with one of CommerceHQ’s staff about which one of these has the highest usage and conversion rates. Now, you might think that most CHQ users and their customers would prefer the 1-step checkout process since they won’t have to go through the hassle of being taken into another page once they fill out the checkout form, but surprisingly, the CommerceHQ staff informed me that it is actually the 4-step process that is able to help customers convert the most!

Here is how the 1-step checkout process should look like when you implement it on your store. Here, all of the necessary details have to be filled in on a single page, and this is what I was talking about when I said that it can be quite overwhelming to see all these empty spaces that would be marked red when you skip through them. In this fast-paced era, people simply want to come and go without being inconvenienced. These blank spaces might be interpreted as a hassle to go through, and potential customers might just want to shy away from successfully checking out of your store.

On the other hand, here is how the 4-step process should look like on your store:

Here, only one step will be shown at a time, and once customers fill out the blank space, they can simply proceed to the next step, and it will be shown as sort of a dropdown menu wherein the previous one will close, thereby allowing the viewer to focus solely on which step they are currently in. In my personal opinion, this option does look cleaner and a whole lot easier to go through. We are eliminating the thought that our customers have to fill in a lot of their details because we are making them focus their attention only on a few things at a time. Plus, seeing actual progress with the checkout process can build up anticipation and excitement in reaching a certain goal, and that is the order confirmation page!

On a side note, yes, I do use the 4-step process in all of my stores, and if you have been following me for quite some time now, you know how MUCH I have made over the past few years!

Furthermore, the 4-step process actually looks a lot nicer and compact on a mobile device, and this is something that you should take good note of. Why? Because statistically, people spend more time on their phones than on other devices simply because of the phone’s ease of use and convenience. Thus, it is mandatory for you to pay a lot more attention into optimizing your website for phone screens and have it seamlessly work and adjust to said screen size.

The last things you need to setup are for visual aesthetic enhancement purposes, and of course, the information that you would need from your customers:

  • Header; and
  • Form fields:
    • Customer name;
    • Company name (optional, since not all of your customers are ordering for business purposes);
    • Address;
    • State (optional, since your customers can include this information on their complete address);
    • Phone number (optional, since you can contact them anytime via email anyway);
    • Default Promotional emails consent checkbox (for when you want to include them to your mailing list for future promotions and events);
    • Terms of service (you can easily generate these, but make sure to read through them to avoid any discrepancies or issues);
    • Abandoned checkout timeout (this determines when a customer’s cart will be considered as abandoned);
    • PayPal button visibility;
    • Checkout URL (you might want to use your default store URL and omit CommerceHQ from it for a simpler and cleaner look).

Let’s Wrap It Up!

We have just discussed how you can setup your CommerceHQ store’s checkout page, and which setting is the best to use for maximum profitability! And yes, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3 — before you know it, you can finally launch your online store and start getting those sales, because you have eliminated the stigma that checking out from an online store can be quite a drag.

If you have any more questions about CommerceHQ and setting up the Checkout page, finding and selling winning products, creating the most profitable dropshipping stores, dropshipping in Australia or anything regarding this video, feel free to personally contact me via the Contact Form HERE. You can also leave your comments and feedback below, and our team over at WagePirate will definitely get back to you with a response. For more reviews, news and updates, do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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