COMPLETE CommerceHQ Tutorial For Beginners 2020

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It is unquestionable that the online space equates to millions of doors to new opportunities for the growth and development of your business, which is exactly why you should venture into it and see what it has in store for you. The Internet allows for expansion in a way that it will expose your products and services to a broader audience — those who do not have access to, or find it hard to access, your physical store. You can also offer exclusive on-site deals and discounts which may further encourage visitors to convert into customers. And with just enough influence and online presence, you might just land yourself a major investor and start seeing your business perform at its peak!

But with the tons of offers the web gives, one can’t help but wonder, “Which path should I take? Which one can I trust? Which one is the best solution for all my business needs?” With every great offer comes a bad one — which might as well be a scam when you consider all of your time and resources invested into them without getting much in return. Thankfully, the online community has tried and tested majority of these “online business helpers” and have filtered out the “thieves” from the genuine tools. Nowadays, web developers turn to Shopify and WooCommerce for their online business, but did you know that there is another MVP in this game?

Today, we are going to discuss CommerceHQ — what it is and how it can push your business to the limit and therefore allow you to see and experience success on a whole new level. We are also going to tackle the step-by-step process on how to create a website for your own business through this platform, so you better not miss out on this one!

What is CommerceHQ?

CommerceHQ is an alternative platform to Shopify, though it might as well be one of the user-friendliest, feature-packed eCommerce website builder on the market today. With this tool, you no longer have to worry about investing the majority of your time and efforts into web development; the way it works is that with a nifty visual builder, you can simply drag and drop elements or modules into where you want them to be in your to-be website, make a few minor adjustments, and before you know it, you already have a fully functional website that’s ready to take and send orders. The exclusive, custom-built apps make these possible. Other features include:

  • 1-Click Upsells;
  • Upsell Campaign Builder;
  • Native Apps To Increase Conversion Rates;
  • Accordion Checkout Page, and more.

But we are not going to talk about those in this video; we are going to discuss the main reason why I recommend this platform for eCommerce businesses, especially for startups. Without further ado, here is the Accelerator Program and the Accelerator App.

What is Accelerator?

Clicking through this link will take you to a page that best describes the Accelerator Program, in which a detailed video presentation welcomes you to the world of Accelerator App. Here is a quick summary of what you can get when you opt to choose CommerceHQ and its Accelerator Program for your business:

  • 20 Video Lessons;
  • Weekly Live Q&A Calls;
  • CommerceHQ 6-Store Plan (you get to build 6 stores for the price of 1!);
  • 800 Winning Products;
  • Immersive Online Video Training; and
  • A Lesson Plan.

Today, we are going to test this feature-rich app through actual application — you’ve guessed correctly! Yes, we are going to make an actual website with the Accelerator App. Grab your pens and notepads, because you might just learn everything you need to know in order to build your own web page and start shining on the web!

Creating a Website With Accelerator

Inexperienced with web development? Not to worry, as the Accelerator app has already has all of the necessary tools for that. Just keep on clicking and dragging and dropping your desired content and your site will be close to completion in no time. Let us now break down the simplest of steps to creating a web space for your products and services.

A word of advice: if you are having trouble with your site creation process, do feel free to contact me via my social media accounts or email — details of which will be provided below.

Building a Theme

To access the theme, simply go to Dashboard > All Tools > Themes > Builder Themes. As you can see, there is another section called the Twig Themes. This is where coding is necessary for you to tweak themes to suit your likings — and we do not want to go there just yet, especially since we are trying to build a website the way a beginner would: slow and easy.

Speaking of which, as a newbie, you ought to start with the VB Vintage theme, located within the Builder Themes section.

Why VB Vintage?

The customer service team over at CommerceHQ reportedly stated that VB Vintage has the highest conversion rates amongst all of their themes. It also has a clean background with lots of white spaces, which is perfect if you want your Add to Cart and Proceed to Checkout buttons to stand out.

After you’ve clicked Add to Library, go back to Themes > Use Theme > Dashboard, and proceed to edit the theme, and let’s start by creating a unique logo for your site.

Making a Logo

To craft high quality unique logos that would eventually define your brand, you can use various software and applications from all over the Internet and either hire graphic designers or do them yourself. For this tutorial we will be going with Adobe Illustrator.

You might have to play around with the many features and options to be able to craft the perfect professional logo. If you are unsure of what to do or where to go once you’ve created a draft, you can search for vector editing software tutorials and FAQs.

Once you think your logo is ready to go, go back to CommerceHQ’s visual editor, add an Image module anywhere you want your logo to be, and optimize the size and spacing details. Also do not forget to preview your output so as to avoid resizing and other visual errors in desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Editing the Home Page


Sliders can be very pleasing to the eye; however, it can be inconvenient for some of your users, particularly those who wish to see product details at a glance. Furthermore, sliders can take up a lot of space, and thus your website might need to load for a bit longer and might even perform poorly. If you agree with me, then it’s best to remove the sliders for good.

What you can do instead is to create a banner image.

Banner Images

For this tutorial, we are going to head on over to Fotojet, which is a photo editing website that offers tons of customization options for that stunning banner image. In the website, click Design and find a landscape template, which should work greatly on your website, considering its orientation.

Again, there are lots of options for the development and betterment of your to-be banner image. Feel free to take your time and add various elements to your heart’s content.

Going back to the visual builder, add an image module anywhere and insert your newly crafted photo.

Adding Buttons

Add a button module to increase your website’s functionality. Buttons will take your users to various pages that are linked to it, e.g., Add to Cart page, Product Detail page, etc.

Increasing Usability in Mobile

Often, mobile versions of your website need more tweaks, as mobile devices have the smallest screen size. Remember to test everything out before your final launch so as to avoid mistakes and blunders.

Editing the Product Module / Featured Products

Now that our home page has been set up, it’s time to add products into our collection of sellable goods, and the best place to outsource products is via AliExpress.

For this tutorial, I have used Dropified to handle all my dropshipping needs. Said software allows for the easy importation of products from AliExpress into your own CommerceHQ store.

Once you’ve chosen the products you wish to sell in your store, go back to the visual builder, choose Themes > Products List, where you can find everything that you’ve added in so far. In the CommerceHQ builder, you can create a collection for the easy categorization of your products. Simply go to All Tools > Collection List > Add a Collection and start organizing your goods. Dropified handles all the rest (see this video for a how-to tutorial when using Dropified).

Back to the editor, you can search for your collections and add them into the Featured Products section and refresh your page.

Adding Customer Reviews

Add a heading module for the customer review title, and image modules for screenshots of your reviews. You can find them all over the web, but did you know that one good source is Facebook?

Again, feel free to edit the size and orientations of the customer reviews to suit your ideal web page.

Editing the Menu

To edit the menu, click it and reorganize the pages to your likings. The out-of-the-box version of VB Vintage has pre-selected pages for the menu in this particular order:

  1. Home
  2. Collections
  3. FAQ
  4. Contact Us
  5. About Us

If you wish to add other pages, simply click the + on the Links section and choose whichever one you want your users to see on your home page.

You can also add dropdown links to further add functionalities. Simply link the appropriate pages and you’re all set.

Recommended Lineup

Did you know that you can also modify the order of the pages on the menu? And the reason that you would want to do so is because in mobile versions, your menu will be viewed in a vertical position, which means that your potential buyers would look from top to bottom. And if you care for your customers as much as we do, it’s always a good idea to think of what they would want to see first.

Our recommended lineup for the menu is as follows:

  1. Home
  2. Collections
  3. FAQs
  4. Track Your Order
  5. Contact Us

Footer pages such as Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, Contact Us and About Us can be left as-is, as these may be considered as auxiliary pages — those that do not really need to be viewed, but are always available for additional information.

Track Your Order Page

As previously stated, we do recommend a Track Your Order page such that your customers will in one way or another be relieved of their shipping and package arrival worries. To create such page, go to Home > Add Page and name it Track Your Order (or any other title that you would like) > Save > Edit. There, you can add everything that would make the page highly functional. Do not forget to add the Track Your Order button!

Now, go back to the menu and add your newly crafted TYO page and edit the size and order as you wish.

Also, do not forget to add further information into the About Us and Contact Us pages and all the rest.

Product Page

Lastly, we are going to modify and optimize your product page.

CommerceHQ already has your product page up and ready, but if you wish to add your deals and discounts, feel free to do so. The editing process is just as easy as doing so for your whole website, so by this point it should already be just a piece of cake for you!

Important Software and Websites

The blog doesn’t stop there! Here are my most recommended software and websites for crafting most of the elements you will need to add a touch of professionalism and elegance to the visual appeal of your website.

Adobe Illustrator

For those inexperienced with graphic design, you ought to start with free software available all over the web, as Adobe Illustrator does not come free — though it does come with a 7-day free trial for those who wish to have a go and test its prowess and competitive features. Illustrator is perfect for crafting your logos and all other types of vector art that will not only impress your visitors, but will also overall define you and your brand. As per its website, you can “Get all the drawing tools you need to turn simple shapes and colors into sophisticated logos, icons, and graphics. Illustrator artwork is vector-based design software, so it can scale down for mobile screens and up to billboard size — and always look crisp and beautiful.”

Fotojet (banner image editor)

Create a Design, Make a Collage, Edit a Photo. These are what Fotojet promises you are able to do. Present your banner images in the most stunning manner and make your guests go “Wow!” with this one-of-a-kind photo-editing website. The graphic designer offers lots of templates, resources and tools that “enable you to achieve high-quality results quickly and without any hassles or headaches.” The best part about it is that you do not even have to register an account to be able to gain access to Fotojet’s full-feature glory. Try it out with the free trial and see if you would want to go for the paid version.


As fishing for random photos on the Internet without permission can lead to copyright and legal issues, what else can you do to be able to get your hands on high resolution photos for your website? Hiring professional photographers could be an option, but if you do not want to break the bank, you can opt to visit Unsplash. This website offers free images taken or created by its community of photographers, visual artists, etc. You’ve read that right — all images are royalty-free! All they ask of you is to credit the owner of the photo as a form of gratitude and support. After all, we all get motivation from those cheering us on, to strive harder and go through great lengths to achieve success, right?

By the way, if you cannot find a particular image in Unsplash, you can look through similar sites such as Pixabay, Pexels and StockSnap.


High quality images can have a negative impact on your page loading speeds. Yes, your photos may look at its best, and even if you are sure that it would impress your visitors, each individual user’s Internet connection may not be able to efficiently handle your website’s overall size. That is why most web developers choose to compress web elements that, when doing so, might help save bandwidth. TinyPNG can compress your images by 50% to 80% of its original size; no longer will you have to worry about sluggish loading times that could bore your audience to a point where they have to look elsewhere!


Without a doubt, AliExpress has every item imaginable that you would ever need for your dropshipping business. Take online shopping to the next level; help your audience shop as much as they want without the hassle. Everything from men’s clothing apparel to gadgets and electronic accessories, you can trust AliExpress to have them all ready for you in a jiffy. AliExpress offers safe payment options and 24/7 customer support, so any worries you may have are already taken care of.


“Dropified automates dozens of the daily tasks required to run a successful dropshipping business, allowing you to focus on marketing and growing your eCommerce stores.” If you are finding it hard to optimize your website’s look and feel, chances are, you are already starting to forget the reason why you ventured into the first place in the first place: to sell and make a profit. Thankfully, Dropified can cover all your dropshipping needs. And with its 1-click import feature, all you have to do on your end is to research for the best profitable products (which can be done via the software, too), choose which one you deem would be a great fit for your niche, and let Dropified do the rest of the work for you.


Well, you already know what Facebook is, but why is it relevant in the online business niche? If you must know, there is a better chance of people trusting products, services and even websites that have positive Facebook reviews. That is because the majority of the population relies on the said platform for many kinds of information — news, general knowledge, information on products and services, etc. It is therefore highly recommended that you head on over to it and scout for product reviews to be featured on your product pages. Choose the ones that define the product’s best features and those that show great satisfaction upon purchase and usage. After all, would you even want to view a product that nobody likes?


AfterShip is “an automated tracking solution and API for eCommerce.” The platform allows you to engage with customers, send delivery updates and more!

Let’s Wrap It Up!

CommerceHQ is indeed a reliable tool for the development of a website for your online business. We have tackled a step-by-step process on how to create a fully functional website with said platform. Have you noticed how easy it is? All you need to do is click away, edit font sizes and make minor adjustments, and do your own research for your products and services! CommerceHQ handles all the rest and allows you to focus on the more important matters!

Before we end this post, I would like to invite you to my monthly membership group, The Pirate Club, where you can get everything you would need to build a successful online store. By joining in and becoming a pirate yourself, you gain access to the following:

  • The Pirate Academy;
  • The Pirate Product App;
  • The Pirate Community; and loads more!

Intrigued? The Pirate Club is now open with an early-bird pricing plan, so be sure to grab this super affordable deal before it expires!

If you have any more questions regarding CommerceHQ or anything about this video, feel free to personally contact me via the Contact Form HERE. You can also leave your comments and feedback below, and our team over at WagePirate will definitely get back to you with a response. For more reviews, news and updates, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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