Below is the CSS code you can copy and paste into your website to add an offset to the Smooth Scroll feature in Bricks.

The code is as follows:

/* change scroll offset because I have a sticky header now */
html {
    scroll-behavior: smooth;
    scroll-padding-top: 130px;
/* adjust scroll offset for mobile header */
@media( max-width: 767px){
    html {
        scroll-padding-top: 80px;
Code language: PHP (php)

This code is taken from my own website and I added it so that my Sticky Header didn’t hide headings when I clicked to go to them from my Table of Contents block.

The Video Tutorial

Here is a video that explains how and where to add the above CSS code to your Bricks website.

Add offset to Smooth Scroll in Bricks (for Anchor Links)