The Ultimate List of Social Media plugins for WordPress

Social Media is extremely important for growing your business and your clients’ businesses online. There is no point writing great content and designing the best website in the world if no-one is visiting it online.

Just this Monday I personally went to see a talk by Vincent Dignan of with my girlfriend Remy as we were wanting to learn how to grow our travel Blog

Vincent gave a very similar talk to the one below (I highly recommend you take the time to watch the below video if you’re looking to grow your business online).

However, if you don’t have the time to watch the video, just know this.

Social Media is a VERY powerful for helping you build leads and make sales.

Now, this post isn’t going to list 10 different Social Media plugins for WordPress that’ll leave you confused and offer you no benefit.

We’re going to list plugins that are very different from each other and their capabilities – one paid, the other free (but more limited). That way, you can decide based on your requirements and budget which you want to use for your website.

[clickToTweet tweet=”If you’re not using Social Media to growth hack your business’ success, you’re a fool.” quote=”If you’re not using Social Media to growth hack your business success, you’re a fool.”]

Take Social Media seriously.

Social Warfare ($29)


Social Warfare is a plugin we’ve been playing around with lately and it is exceptionally great. It is definitely the best social sharing plugin we have used for WordPress and the one we’re currently running on our website as of today.

For the $29 a year we absolutely love it.

And its got a 5 star rating from other users, also.


We were initially introduced to it by Adam Preiser of and after having used the plugin and tested it thoroughly on some of our test websites, here’s why we ultimately chose this plugin for and why we’re highly recommended it

  1. It just works. It was extremely easy to set up and just worked. You buy the plugin, add your email into the plugin settings, change some check boxes in the settings, add your social media usernames and click SAVE and you’re done.
  2. It provides all the social media channels we need and that you’ll need, also.
  3. It integrates with all themes. We tried it on our website which uses the Beaver Builder Theme and also tried it on a StudioPress Genesis website.
  4. The buttons look great and don’t slow down our website. If you want you can also customize the colours of the buttons to match your website.
  5. Click to tweet is built in and we’re using it at the start of this post as you can see. There’s no need for a separate plugin to do this.
  6. Built-in floating Social Bar to fix the social media icons to the top, bottom, or left side of the screen. Here is what it looks like on when fixed on the left side.
  7. Automatic UTM link tracking which allows each button to send data to Google Analytics so you can track the effectiveness of each post on a per-platform basis.
  8. Integration with which is a URL shortener. We’re going to be looking at using this down the track and it’s good to know it is built into this plugin by default.


We’re looking at amping up’s social media presence and we’re sold on this plugin for getting us there as its already got a lot of other people a great steady social media following.

There’s been claims from one user that this plugin has increased their social media shares by 300%.

Buy Social Warfare

Scriptless Social Sharing (Free)


I love the Scriptless Social Sharing and use it for client websites where the client doesn’t want to pay for a Social Media plugin.

It is incredibly easy to configure using checkboxes as shown below. You can choose what post types to show them on, whether to show them before or after the content (you can even choose to do both!) and you can select what social media platforms to output.


We were using it on previously before we made the switch over to Social Warfare.

Here it is in use on our website previously where it appeared at the top of our blog posts (we also had it appearing at the bottom of each post, also).


Here’s what I like about this plugin and why I recommend you try it out if you’re not looking to spend money right away on a social media plugin for WordPress.

  1. There is no Javascript. The buttons work with CSS and HTML only and that’s what makes this plugin great. Javascript can slow down the loading of your website and add complexities that you just don’t need to simple social media sharing buttons like this plugin provides.
  2. You can output the social sharing buttons on archive pages as well as single posts. This means you can not only add them to your individual blog posts, but you can also add the social media buttons into each post on your main Blog page, like below.
    The default blog sidebar contains widgets relating to the blog, such as Archives and Blog categories.To do this, read the FAQ for the plugin here.

To read more on the plugin or to download it, click the button below (opens a new tab in your browser).

Download Scriptless Social Sharing

Wrapping it up

We’re looking to grow so we can continue to offer you more and more resources and information that’ll help you do things faster and more efficiently with WordPress.

As we’ve learnt and are continually told, Social Media is incredibly powerful for generating traffic and leads for your business and should not be approached lightly.

We’re taking Social Media serious.

And for the low $29 dollars of Social Warefare, the way we see it is if we can sell one theme using this plugin, we’ve made our money back.

Once sale for a return on investment is always good in our eyes. Especially in this case where the cost is going to a product that will directly affect our business.

Please share this post and help us kickstart our Social Media presence

If you’re a kind soul and would love to help us out, simply share this post on social media and help us start our social media journey.

It’d mean a lot 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The Ultimate List of Social Media plugins for WordPress”

  1. Grant –
    These 2 plugins are great for Social Media. I have used them both before.

    Have you seen Elegant Themes’ Monarch plugin? That is another good premium plugin that comes with their ‘Club’ membership (you get themes as well as plugins). I wouldn’t go all out and get the whole membership just to get the plugin, but if you already have it, it is worth looking out.


    1. Hi Paul! Good to connect again!

      I’ve seen it and researched its capabilities. It’s definitely powerful but yeah, being a part of the club was a bit expensive. I wouldn’t use the themes.

      Are you using it currently on a website?

  2. Hi Grant,

    Thanks for the post! How would you determine if a plug in is running Javascript? I am currently at a point where it will be a brand new blog and would prefer to stay with a free plug in. In addition to Scriptless Social Sharing, I have looked at AddToAny and Simple Share Buttons (both of which are also free). As is the goal for everyone, I would like to have a plug in that does the job without slowing down the website. Thanks in advance for response.


    1. Hi Alex!

      On the frontend with caching, I would go with the plugin that is the highest rated and meets your needs without the bells and whistles (i.e. extra load). Most of the social share plugins will run Javascript, but you could determine if it does by downloading the plugin to your computer and searching for .js files which will show any enqueued Javascript files in the plugin 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

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