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The 0-100k case study is finally here! With over 500 videos included, this is “The Exact System I Used To Generate $105,080 In 30 Days With A New Store.” For more information on what it is and how you can get your hands on a hot and special offer, keep reading below.

The 0-100k Case Study

Today we are going to discuss the 0-100k Case Study: everything you need to know to be able to build and develop a highly-profitable and high-converting eCommerce store. But before we get to that, let’s talk about adding a little bit of context as to why I created it in the first place.

Why I Created This Case Study

In the past (and even now), many people have asked me about why I even created this case study in the first place, which isn’t really surprising. After all, if other people get a sense of what my business strategy is, they may try to recreate my store and steal my ideas and eventually my profit and revenue, without even crediting my hard work.

Let me give you a bit of a background for you to fully understand why I’m doing this. Before I ventured into the eCommerce business, I was a web developer and designer who builds and optimizes websites for various clients that basically just come and go; once I’m done with my job with one client, I move onto the next, and the cycle just keeps on going and repeating itself.

At one point, I felt that working like this, I am not getting the most out of my knowledge and experiences, and so I went out and decided to build my OWN website with everything that I have learned thus far.

Of course, it wasn’t easy at first; getting that sense of independence was a bit scary, but once I gained momentum and started receiving bits of orders day by day, the rewards slowly creeped in. Eventually, there was no more denying of the fact that whatever I did was real, effective, and is DEFINITELY making me tons of money!

And that, my friends, is what I want for you. At some point during my journey, I realized that I wanted other people to experience the same surge of nirvana I felt when I started reaping what I sowed. With everything I’ve gathered based on years of experience, I want to help YOU build, optimize and grow your own website. But I can’t privately tutor each and every one of my followers — that is why I’ve created this case study, which is, in a sense, pretty much the same thing!

With this case study, you can watch me OVER MY SHOULDER build an eCommerce store from scratch, manage advertisements, scale up AND MORE!

What You’ll Get

First off, the case study is divided into 2 sections for an easy, well-structured and smooth discussion of where to start with and how to effectively build and develop your eCommerce business. From product researches to setting up FaceBook Ads, you are assured that you will get what you paid for. Here is a quick overview of what you should expect when you opt to purchase:

Section 1: Product Funnel Optimization

  • How I found this money-making product
  • How I knew this was going to be a winning product (the signs you should look for)
  • How to create the BEST video creative using my exact softwares and format
  • See me launch my initial ads in Facebook Ads Manager and be PROFITABLE on day 3
  • See me create our Facebook business page
  • See me review our Facebook Ads data and make changes to my website which boost our conversion rate

Section 2: Facebook Ads

  • See how I scale Facebook Ads to 11K / Day
  • See how I set up Retargeting for this product
  • See how I find highly-profitable audiences using more obscure Lookalike Audiences
  • See how I Scale Up using advanced Facebook Strategies like Bidcap, Target Cost and more bidding strategies (extremely important)

Bonus Sections

That’s not all; you see, assistance won’t stop coming until the end of the development stage; I also want to see your business grow and progress, and ensure that as much as possible, NOTHING will go wrong. The case study also comes bundled with the following topics:

  • You see how we fulfill the orders and get Tracking Numbers to our customers to reduce chargebacks and refunds.
  • You will see how we set up emails in Klaviyo to make an easy 10% extra revenue on Automation (very valuable).

Course Content

Actually, I want to be clear and transparent with you, especially when you’re about to release a fair amount of cash. So if you’re still feeling a bit skeptical about purchasing my case study, here is a full list of what you will get (and more, as I will definitely update this case study whenever I get new bits of information and come up with effective tips to boost your eCommerce business!):

  • Case Study Welcome and Structure
    • How It Went videos: What they are in this Case Study
  • Introducing the Store and Product I Scaled to 300k in 30 Days
    • How I found this winning product
    • The ONLY type of products I test and sell
    • This is the BEST type of Video Ad you should be creating to sell your ecommerce products

  • Creating Our Initial Creatives We Will Use to Test This Product With Facebook Ads
    • How to download a Video Ad from Facebook so you can edit it yourself
    • The software I use to edit all my videos and highly-recommend
    • Removing the captions and watermark from the competitors Facebook Video Ad
    • Creating our initial Video Ad
    • Creating variations of our Video Ad quickly!
    • The main things to change when creating Video Variations for your initial Video Ads
    • Creating our Initial Facebook Ads on our Facebook Business Page
  • Launching Our First Facebook Ads for This Product
    • Proper Campaign / Ad Set / Ad structure for testing our product
    • Finding and choosing Interests for our initial Ad Sets
    • The power of a PPE Campaign
    • Summary of our Initial Ad creation process
    • Calculating our Profit / Loss for the first few days
  • Store Progress Review
    • Choosing our Upsell products and my tips on the best types of Upsells
  • Daily Optimization
    • Introduction to A/B Testing
    • How to set up the A/B testing software I recommend
    • We have a PayPal ERROR! — How to diagnose when things go wrong on our website
    • How to install Hotjar for when things go wrong next time
    • Pre-purchase Upsell Introduction
    • Pre-purchase Upsell setup to increase our AOV
    • Optimizing our Post-purchase Upsells
    • How It Went: Post-purchase Upsell strategy
  • Planning Our New Creatives for Ads
    • Buying the products to make our own creatives for ads
  • Capturing Emails to Make More Money
    • How to make money with Lead Capture retargeting — Introduction
    • OptinMonster Exit Intent Popup setup
    • OptinMonster SlideIn Popup setup
  • Our Ad Account Gets Disabled
  • Our Ad Account is DISABLED! Here’s what to do
  • Our Cashflow Problem
  • The result of our disabled Ad Account
  • Creating our new store and getting ready to run ads again
  • Optimizing our Product Funnel
    • Recognising the problem with our Product Funnel
    • Optimization One: Related Product
    • Optimization Two: Redesigning our menu
    • Optimization Three: The Cart Page
    • Using information pages to better sell our product
    • Currency Converter Apps for worldwide traffic
  • Facebook Ads — Introduction and First Couple Weeks
    • Introduction to the Facebook Ads section of lessons

More To Come!

Yeah, the “But wait! There’s more.” catchphrase may sound too cliché at this point in time, but how can I not say it when it’s absolutely true in our case?

In the coming days, you can expect to see and review the following topics:

  • Order fulfillment. How to fulfill orders using Automated one-click software, as well as BULK CSV fulfillment.
  • Banking setup and how I set up my business. How I set up my business, including banking, legal entities, and how you can do the same.
  • Facebook Ads strategies. Strategies in my Facebook Ads account that I have used to scale out to find new profitable audiences and then strategies I have used to Scale Up budgets to these audiences.
  • Email marketing and Facebook Ads. How to use Klaviyo and email marketing to make money from Facebook Ads in this business.

A Limited-Time Discounted Offer

Due to popular demand, the 0-100k Case Study is up and for sale FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! If you click on this link now, you can definitely get your hands on it at a ridiculously low price! With over 500 videos (and counting) included in the bundle, you would probably even question our accounting team as to why a huge price drop was even applied! The clock is ticking; are you going to waste your time looking somewhere else, when there’s already a tried and tested solution to all your eCommerce business needs right before your eyes?

Let’s Wrap It Up!

My 0-100k Case Study has been professionally designed to provide a truly systematic and comprehensive learning process for aspiring entrepreneurs to be able to succeed in their own online business ventures. If you are a startup business looking to increase conversion rates or profit in general, or a fairly established business just looking to improve your system, you absolutely do not want to miss this offer.

This is not an exaggeration: the 0-100k Case Study is now up for sale for a limited huge discount; you’ll definitely get what you paid for, and more. And with thousands and thousands of satisfied customers with each passing day, the effectivity of my strategies should no longer be an issue.

Before we end this post, I would like to invite you to my monthly membership group, The Pirate Club, where you can get everything you would need to build a successful online store. By joining in and becoming a pirate yourself, you gain access to the following:

  • The Pirate Academy;
  • The Pirate Product App;
  • The Pirate Community; and loads more!

Intrigued? The Pirate Club is now open with an early-bird pricing plan, so be sure to grab this super affordable deal before it expires!

If you have any more questions about my Case Study or anything regarding this video, feel free to personally contact me via the Contact Form HERE. You can also leave your comments and feedback below, and our team over at WagePirate will definitely get back to you with a response. For more reviews, news and updates, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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