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Are countdown timers on your store a good idea? I ran an A/B test to 20,000 people and nearly $40,000 revenue and in this video I show you the answer to this question!

I ran an A/B test to see how a Countdown Timer affected Revenue for this store. The winner resulted in an extra $3000 extra revenue for the 7 days I ran this test. Times that by 50 weeks and it really starts to add up! Don’t make this mistake!

What is a Countdown Timer?

A countdown timer is used in landing pages to indicate the nearing of the beginning or the end of a particular sale or promotion. This add-on helps in building anticipation for one of your upcoming events, or a sense or urgency because time is running out and your offer is “about to expire.” In both situations, countdown timers can undoubtedly help in boosting sales.

It has, however, come to my attention that lately, people have been saying that countdown timers are now a thing of the past, because most customers think they are just another part of a gimmick to milk some money out of them, and that they are no longer buying it. I did not like this one bit, because as you may have known, I have been using countdown timers on my own store. So I decided to run an A/B test to show you guys that the countdown timer still works and is still highly effective in bringing more customers to the table.

Care to see what happened? Read on to find out.

A/B Testing on Countdown Timers

So I did an A/B test for one of my CommerceHQ stores:

And below is the result of my A/B test (If you’re not familiar with what an A/B test is, basically, you will have two variations of a simple setup to determine which one would lead to more traffic, more conversions, and so on. After a specified period, you can view your pages’ individual performances and see which one is the better fit for your store):

As you can see, we had nearly 20,000 visitors over a 7-day testing period and made almost $40,000 in revenue. I set the test to run for a full week, mainly because customers from all over the world have different buying patterns. They could visit your store and make a purchase within the same day, or can view a product today, add it to their cart tomorrow, and check out on the coming weekend. For this very reason, you cannot simply draw a conclusion within a 24-hour period. 50% of these customers went to a landing page with a countdown timer (variation A), and the rest to a page without the timer (variation B). Now, where did the revenue mostly come from?

So, how did showing that countdown timer affect the revenue that we got in the bank? In variation A, the overall conversion rate was at 2.91%. Meanwhile in variation B, the conversion rate was at 2.46%. That 0.45% difference might not seem like a lot, but if you actually convert that into the number of buying customers, it would make a significant change. And if you would take a look at the revenue I earned, there is a whopping $3,000.oo difference! And this happened because I urged my customers to either wait for my promotion or to make a purchase within my set time period to let them know what they would miss should they decide not to.

Imagine making an additional $3,000 every week because of a tiny add-on to your landing page. And you can get the countdown timer for free when you choose CommerceHQ as your eCommerce platform.

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Let’s Wrap It Up!

Nope, countdown timers are not dead. In fact, they are now, more than ever, extremely helpful in building a sense of scarcity among your audience. Just think of how much you can make in a set period of time, just because you put up one of these offers in your store!

If you have any more questions or are still unfamiliar with countdown timers or A/B testing in CommerceHQ, feel free to watch the full video to learn more.

If you have any more questions about CommerceHQ, countdown timers, A/B testing,¬†dropshipping in Australia or anything regarding this video, feel free to personally contact me via the Contact Form HERE. You can also leave your comments and feedback below, and our team over at WagePirate will definitely get back to you with a response. For more reviews, news and updates, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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  1. nice. didn’t know you can A/B test on commerce HQ. Do you create the test pages inside the A/B software or do you need to create an additional page on commerce hq?

    1. Hi Ali! So in this case you output the timer inside CHQ and then inside the A/B testing software you can then set up a variation were you HIDE that element on the page

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