ClickFunnels for Ecommerce Masterclass

You start this course by getting a secret link to import my funnel template into your ClickFunnels account. From there on, I'll show you how to use the ClickFunnels software itself and then I'll show you some tips and tricks I've done in my business to increase my conversion rates and make more profit per sale.

Length: 2 Hours

Lessons: 45


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Right now, I send all my paid traffic to ClickFunnels pages and NOT my ecommerce store

If you are not doing this, then this course is for you.

In January 2017 I started my first ecommerce dropshipping store and for the next 3 years I proceeded to have all my facebook ads and email marketing send people to my ecommerce store to buy my products. This seemed to work, and so I just continued to keep doing it.

I had heard about sales funnels for ecommerce and in particular how people were using a software called ClickFunnels to do millions of dollars in sales with just 1 product. The dream, right?

So, I set up a sales funnel in ClickFunnels and sent some traffic there and... it didn't really work, so I left it and went back to doing what I knew best - sending people directly to my ecommerce store.

But I kept hearing stories over and over again about people making millions with ClickFunnels, so I kept trying to get it to work.

Fast-forward to now, what I am doing has completely flipped on it's head.

I send NO facebook ads to my ecommerce store (except for retargeting). All my traffic now goes to a sales pages in ClickFunnels.

So it goes Facebook Ad -> Sales Page -> Order Form -> Upsells -> Subscription Box -> Thank you page.

And doing this has SAVED my store. I swear by this method, and this is why I put together this course.

Below are the results I am getting today using ClickFunnels & the methods you will learn in this course

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 8.08.39 am

Things to note about the results shown in this image that should get you excited about taking this course:

  • 3.168 Million dollars in sales using ClickFunnels and this is for 1 ecommerce store.
  • We currently make over $20,000/month in sales from our subscription box. In the graph, I have filtered out sales to only show sales from 2 specific funnels. These 2 funnels are my subscription box sales. This is money on auto pilot (which you'll learn about in this course).
  • I could not have scaled to these numbers without using sales funnels and what I cover in this course.

What you will get from this free ClickFunnels Course

Save time and

Import my exact funnel template into your ClickFunnels account

When I create a new sales funnel inside ClickFunnels for my store, I use the same template. You can import this template into your ClickFunnels account. Then, you just need to add your branding and products and it's ready for traffic. This is a massive time saver!

I will explain things and

You will see real numbers in my business

In what I am dubbing the best free clickfunnels course (haha) I will use an online whiteboard where necessary but most of the time I will be sharing my screen and showing you inside my ClickFunnels account.

See how you can

Fix a failing ecommerce store by using Upsells & Downsells

I ran my ecommerce brand for well over a year by just running facebook ads to product pages on WooCommerce and CommerceHQ. Eventually, as more people used facebook ads and more competitors came into my niche, it was costing me way more money in facebook ads to get a sale. My store started failing. That's why I went all hands on deck with trying to get a sales funnel to work and after lots of testing, I revived my that I run until this day. The BIGGEST factor in preventing it from failing was the ability to add Upsells and Downsells in ClickFunnels. I'll show you this in this course.

How easy it is to

Get paid monthly on auto-pilot with Subscriptions

During the purchasing process, my customers are given the option to receive items every month and we auto-bill their credit cards. This is a BIG advantage to running your ecommerce store because you are not paying facebook for the sale each time (which means more profit for you) AND you have this money coming in the door (even if facebook disables your ad account or something like that). I'll run you through the numbers in this course.

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Course Content

Introduction & Setup
Sales Funnels Crash Course
The MASSIVE Benefits of Sales Funnels
Marketing and Scaling with Sales Funnels

If you are ready to start this course, you can do so right now!

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