Markets, Niches and Branded Niche Stores

The store that you ultimately want to be running is a Branded Niche Store, which is a store that sells products in one particular niche. You want to be dominant brand in this niche. When people think about your niche, you want them to think of your store and your brand, and the products you sell. This is what this module is all about. WHY this is so powerful. We analyse stores that are doing this exceptionally well so you know EXACTLY the type of store you need to be working towards to get predictable, stable revenue.

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Now that you're a Product Research Master, we now need to understand what markets and niches we will be placing these products into.

This module inside The Pirate Academy is all about helping you understand the end goal for your store and to decipher what you've probably heard a lot of people say..which is "You need to niche down".

Here Grant explains what markets are and how you can niche down. He gives you real examples of niches that you can sell into by showing you niches and particular brands that are dominating those niches (and why).

He also explains why our end goal is to dominate a sub niche by placing our brand and our products into that market to become the "brand" people turn to for those products.

Here Grant reviews multiple ecommerce / dropshipping stores and explains WHY we are going to start with a General Store and why we eventually want to have a Branded Niche Store for long term, predictable, stable revenue.

Grant maps out how our store will evolve and why you don't want to start with a one product store.

Now that you know we're going to be working to build a Branded Niche Store, Grant shows you examples of Branded Niches Stores that are currently active and selling products.

Now, not all Branded Niches Stores are created equal - some just have products in a niche, while others have built in social impact things (like donating to charities) and much more. Others write blog posts every week and are consistent with their social media posting to platforms like Instagram.

This video is very thorough and by the end you'll know exactly the type of store you want to have in 2-5 years time and you'll know the road ahead. Because without knowing what the end goal is you're trying to achieve, how do you know how to get there?

THIS is what this video today is for - showing you the perfect Branded Niches Stores.

Here Grant outlines how your blog posts, Instagram posts, Facebook Ads, Product Catalog and everything else in your Branded Niche Store will all work together to drive you consistent sales and help you build up proper store that you could potentially sell one day for a lot of money.

He does this by jumping into the whiteboard and doing a map of how it all works which makes it extremely easy to understand.

Product-first marketing is where you find a product and try and think of who you'll sell it to (which market).

Market-first marketing is where you identify a market that is very lucrative, and then you think of products you can sell to the people in that market.

This is important to understand when it comes to selling online and this video teaches you how each of these two methods work.

You are unique and this is your advantage. Your life experiences, what you've been taught, the household you grew up in - all of these things shape the way you see the world and can influence the way you analyse products and think of marketing angles.

This video shows you why that is so powerful. Grant takes a product and places the product into different markets based on his own personal life experience so you can do the same.

Here Grant explains how you can build a store around something you're passionate about while also not wasting money testing products that won't sell.

You want to build a Branded Niche Store that you're working on for years, building it up to the point where it has a large email list, blog posts, social media presence and much more.

To get there, you're going to be spending a lot of time running this store, so this video shows you how you can do it around a passion of yours.

From the previous lessons, Grant has shown you why it is EXTREMELY important that you build a Branded Niche Store.

But...we're going to start with a General Store, as Grant has mentioned.

In this video, Grant shows you how we will structure our General Store to act like a Branded Niche Store until we find the niche that works for us and is giving us sales.

Here Grant shows you an example of a product he personally sold, where the product seemed saturated but Grant managed to sell it.

Saturation doesn't mean you should not sell the product.

Here, Grant explains why saturation, if anything, means that the product works and it is one we should try and sell.

Wrapping up this section and reminding you of all you've learnt before we jump in and build our store.

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