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The BIGGEST factor in you being successful with selling products online is...the PRODUCT! Product is key! In this course, you'll learn about what products you should and should NOT sell (and why), multiple different methods you can use to uncover these money-making products, how to spy on other stores to see what products they're adding each day, and a whole lot more. This is everything I've learnt over my 3 years and millions in sales.

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You've probably heard (or have now) that the MOST IMPORTANT thing about ecommerce is the products you sell.

If you have a terrible website with a product people MUST-HAVE then they will buy.

If you have a gorgeous website with a useless crappy product no-one wants...noone will buy.

Product is KEY and this section is all about helping you FIND these HIGHLY-PROFITABLE products and the different ways we can uncover them.

When you embark on your ecommerce journey there are TWO different types of products you can test. You have what Grant calls the Discovery - where you're finding products that are already selling.

Secondly, you have the Potential - products that are less proven but show a lot of signs of potentially selling well.

Grant breaks down when we to test each type and why testing 1 before the other is a lot more risky.

Those new to dropshipping are always wanting the 1 EXACT method they should use to find hot selling, winning products.

But the reality is, is that there is not ONE clear path.

Product research is a lot of clicking around, and validating along the way, until you struck gold. But that's ok - this video explains why that's perfectly fine.

It's important to understand how our brains work. They're trainable and that is EXTREMELY useful for product research.

Here Grant outlines how your brain will develop while you are doing product research and how, as you train it, you will be able to identify different types of products.

In this video, Grant explains how many views on a video he needs before he deems a video VIRAL.

Viral videos of products are ones that have A LOT of views in a short amount of time, which means the other marketer is making money advertising that product and so we should try and do the same.

Grant defines the number of views you should be looking for a video to have in a 7 day period, a 14 day period, and beyond.

Learn about Grant's Winning Product Framework - a set of criteria he checks a product against to ensure it's the RIGHT type of product we want to be testing.

This is IMPORTANT because sometimes a product might seem like it's a great product to test, but once you actually delve deeper, the margins (profit per sale) just isn't enough to be able to afford running ads at scale.

The Winning Product Framework is a Google Sheet and you can download it so you can use it in your business too.


Here Grant explains how many products you should go out and find during your product research phaze before you jump into running your ads and spending money trying to get sales. He also goes through a trick he uses to ensure the products he tests are of the highest calibre.

See the Google Chrome Extension Grant uses to speed up product research to find profitable products faster and easier.

The Facebook Ads Library is Facebook's own tool and you can go there, put in the name of a business or website, and you can see ALL the ads the business is running on facebook.

Pretty crazy, right?

In this lesson, Grant explains what the Facebook Ads Library is and how you can use it to its FULL potential for product research.

Using Grant's Hot Buyer HACK method, you can trick facebook into showing you money-making products in your personal facebook feed.

When you do this method, all you have to do to find hot selling products is scroll your facebook feed. Every 5th post will be a product that you could potentially sell!

Grant shows you in this lesson how to do this and THIS method is his favorite product research method.

There are FREE and paid tools that will help you find products you can sell in your stores and here Grant reveals the paid tools he uses himself to find hot selling, profitable products.

This videos shows how you can leverage Facebook's own search bar to find products that are going viral making other marketers a lot of money right now.

If you don't know how an RSS feed works then you're severely cutting yourself short of doing great, EASY product research.

In this video, Grant teaches you how an RSS feed works and in the next lesson he shows you how to use an RSS Feed to find hot selling products every single day without having to do any searching.

Here Grant shows the interface of his favorite FREE RSS Feed software, including how you can use it to find winning products.

He also shows you the important keyboard shortcuts you need to know to be able to go through hundreds of products FAST!

Grant shows you how to add stores into his favorite RSS Feed software so you can see the products other stores add each day in the one dashboard.

He shows you exactly where to click and what data you need to add for the ecommerce store you want to follow to show up in your dashboard.

This makes product research ridiculously easy. Best of all, this software is free.

In this video, Grant shows you how he finds stores that are consistently selling profitable products by analysing the ads the business is running in their Facebook Ads library

This video shows you how you can use Related Pages inside facebook to find stores you want to spy on in your RSS Feed software.

This video shows you how you can use the AliExpress Dropshipping Centre to find stores you want to spy on in your RSS Feed software.

This video shows you how you can use quick Google Searches to find stores you want to spy on in your RSS Feed software.

This video shows you how you can leverage YouTube and specific search terms to find hot selling products you can sell right now.

This video shows you why As Seen on TV Products are so well suited to Dropshipping and then Grant shows you the best ways to find these As Seen on TV products around the web, including his favorite websites for these products.

Amazon is a massive website and it can be hard to know where to start for dropshipping product research.

In this video, see how you can utilize Amazon for finding money-making products as Grant shows you the best parts of the Amazon website for product research.

Here Grant explains what the CommerceHQ Accelerator APP is, including how to use it, the types of products you can find in there, how the dashboard is structured, and how to best use this for product research.


This video shows Grant going right to the source and asking suppliers directly what their best selling products are. This is something you can do too - Grant shows you in this video how.

You can take a product and its benefits, and use that to market it to a completely different niche and demographic.

This is EXTREMELY important to understand as you go out and do your product research because it can completely change the way you see products, analyse them, and determine whether or not they are products you want to test.

In this video, Grant shows you real examples of products and how they can be sold into multiple niches just by changing the marketing angle.

This video teaches you how to calculate your margins. You CAN'T do product research without knowing this.

Margins tell you how much profit you will be making once you pay your supplier and you need to know this to understand how much you can afford to spend on advertising to get a sale.

Here, Grant jumps into an excel spreadsheet and shows you how to calculate your margins.

You can download this Google Sheet template too so you can use it in your business.

Here Grant explains something that is important about pricing and why it can affect the longevity of your business dramatically.

He covers prices to sell your products for, higher prices vs lower prices, growing your mailing list, upsells and more.

He does this by using his main store as an example and showing you how he managed to start his store and build it to where it is.

For lower ticket items that sell for under $20 a great way to increase your net profit (so you have more money to spend on ads) is to bundle them in pairs or more.

This video shows you why this is so powerful but showing you some calculations in a Google Sheet.

People are often concerned with what products they should be selling BUT they don't actually know what products they should NOT be selling.

In this video, Grant explains the shipping methods that you want to be using to ship to your customers and he goes through the constraints of each of these shipping methods.

For example, did you know that you can't ship products over a certain size and weight with ePacket? Do you know what these limits are?

This video explains the limitations of each shipping method so you don't accidentally sell a lot of a product and then realise it will cost you a lot to ship it.

Here you learn about how to cull your list of potential products to ensure you're only testing the BEST types of products that are more likely to make you sales.

The Pirate Product APP is the BEST product research tool for dropshipping and this video explains why and how you can use it.

This is Grant's very own private product research app that you can get access to as part of the monthly coaching group.

CLICK HERE to check out The Pirate Club - Grant's private coaching group.

People often talk about gauging a product's success based on how many orders the product has in AliExpress but this is VERY inaccurate.

This video explains why you can't trust the order numbers in AliExpress.

You're now a Product Research Master - you will be able to find winning products in SECONDS.

You know what tools to use, what products you can and CAN'T sell and much, much more.

You've just completed the most thorough course on Product Research ever! (in my opinion, of course).

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