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You start this course by getting a secret link to import my funnel template into your ClickFunnels account. From there on, I'll show you how to use the ClickFunnels software itself and then I'll show you some tips and tricks I've done in my business to increase my conversion rates and make more profit per sale.

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Introduction - Welcome to the course

Ahoy! Welcome to the BRAND NEW ClickFunnels Course! This course is going to be EPIC! Not just because of the content that I'll be sharing in this course, but because everything that I am showing you in this course is what I am doing RIGHT NOW in my business. Originally when I started The Pirate Academy and this whole website, I knew I was going to do ecommerce courses related to CommerceHQ but I had not anticipated creating a course around ClickFunnels.

"So...Grant...why are you doing this ClickFunnels course now?" - you may ask.

Well, truth be told, I have been playing A LOT with traffic to sales funnels inside ClickFunnels and the impact that sales funnels have had on my business recently has been so benefitial to me that I decided to get right to making this course while everything is fresh in my head.

With sales funnels and ClickFunnels, I now have a well-tested funnel template I can share with you that I have tested A LOT with traffic.

This funnel and ClickFunnels has allowed me to more aggressively scale my facebook ads, has allowed me to be able to spend more on my ads, has increased my conversion rate AND has allowed me to make more profit per customer in my store which (derr) really good for business.

And I am going to share with you in this course how I have done all of this myself (and how you can copy what I have done to do the same).

In this lesson I show you where you can find the secret link that lets you download my ClickFunnels template and import it into your ClickFunnels account.

With one-click, you'll get a 14 days free trial to ClickFunnels + my entire funnel imported into your account ready for you to customize to your business and your products.

And this isn't just any funnel. This funnel template is the EXACT one I am using in my business and did use just last month to do $183,000 in sales and add $3,000 monthly recurring revenue to my business that comes in each and every month.

I'm excited for you to get this template! It's going to save you A LOT of time AND money as I have done lots of testing of this funnel for you.

This is your shortcut. Don't miss out!

In the previous lesson you got the secret link where you can one-click import my entire ClickFunnels funnel template into your account.

This video goes through the design of the funnel and why my funnel has been created the way it is.

By the end of this video you will understand the MASSIVE POWER ClickFunnels gives to your business (and why it can make your business A LOT more profit).

Not sure if this course is for you? Sweat no more...I'm not trying to sell you something you don't need as I believe in treating others as you'd like to be treated.

So instead of you going through hours of video to realise that you might not want to take this course, let me lay it all out for you in this video so you don't waste your time.

Before I started this course, I knew I wanted to make it INCREDIBLE and, well...incredible takes time and planning.

In this video I go through the entire plan I have put together for this course and go through each module and the lessons in each module so you can fully understand how I have structured this course and what you can expect to learn (and when).

This video is a quick TIP video that explains how I think you should go through this course to get the most value out of it.

This video explains what I can and cannot support you with in terms of you and your funnels inside of ClickFunnels.

Summarising this part of the course and explaining what we'll cover in the lessons in the next module.

Sales Funnels Crash Course

Here I welcome you to this module and explain what we'll be covering.

The first reason that most ecommerce stores fail is that they are extremely reliant on paid ads. Some stores rely 100% on paid traffic and this is not a good position to be in. Here in this video I explain why this is not good and show you how you can use sales funnels to build a store that is not reliant on paid traffic and how you can build a business that would survive a disabled facebook ad account.

Scaling a product heavily, only to abandon the store and start a new store with another product once your ads stop being profitable has never made sense to me and this video explains why you should NOT be doing this. By the end of this video you will fully understand why you MUST focus on building ONE real, massive store with predictable, stable revenue, if you are to have a successful business.

The way you sell your products to your customers using normal ecommerce store likes Shopify and CommerceHQ / WooCommerce is very different to how you sell using sales funnels. This video shows you the journey your customer will take from seeing your ad through to completing their order, and I'll show you the massive benefits that sales funnels offers your business when doing so.

Here I explain how I am using sales funnels in my own business and show you when and where I send people to my sales funnel VS to my actual ecommerce store.

You have cold traffic, warm traffic and hot traffic, and by showing each the appropriate sales funnel or website page, you can maximise your profits and scale your ecommerce business much faster.

In this lesson, I cover the difference between sales funnels and ClickFunnels and explain why I use ClickFunnels vs other alternative softwares. We go through the pricing plans available to you and I explain what ClickFunnels plan is best for you and WHEN it would benefit your business to increase your ClickFunnels plan to a higher tier.

Here I explain what makes a sales funnel, including the types of pages and products that can go into your funnel and how they can be used in ClickFunnels to increase your sales.

In this lesson we start to put everything we've learn to this point together as I show you the FIRST goal of any funnel you go out and create for your ecommerce store. By simplifying everything and focusing on THIS ONE THING first with your funnel, you're able to rapidly test products to find winners AND be able to scale your facebook ads more aggressively.

End of this section and an introduction into the next module of lessons.

The MASSIVE Benefits of Sales Funnels

Using sales funnels to sell physical products can allow you to make A LOT more profit that you can selling your products using a normal ecommerce store. By now, through this course you should be able to confidently agree with me on this.

But what we haven't done is actually run the numbers and see just how much extra profit we can make from sales funnels. And this module does just that!

In this module, we are going to do a DEEP-DIVE into our sales funnels numbers by spending every lesson in this module inside Google Sheets.

We're going to map out our funnel and I am going to show you things like how much extra profit your business will make if you increase your front-end conversion rate by just .25% . And I'll show you much much more!

The entire purpose of this module is to show you how to make as much money with your sales funnel as you possibly can.

This video starts off by first explaining what Break-even ROAS is and how you can calculate it for yourself (and where you can download my Google Sheet template with the calculation already done for you.

From there, I then explain a very important concept about break-even ROAS that you MUST know to not only run your ecommerce business, but so you can understand the other lessons in this video where we go VERY DEEP with our numbers and explore more in-depth calculations with our sales funnels using Google Sheets.

You may know that higher Average Order Values (AOV) in your store makes you more profit. And you might understand that increasing your conversion rate increases your profit.

But do you REALLY understand how to use these things to your BEST advantage as an ecommerce business owner?

This video is a deep-dive using google sheets into WHY, with ad costs rising, this saying could never be more true (and revelant).

"Whoever can spend the most to acquire a customer wins".

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