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One problem most of us dropshippers face is the inconsistency of results when it comes to paid media and traffic. On good days, we might find that there is a ridiculous number of successful conversions and high return on ad spend; some days there literally won't be any data at all that would make up for our ad spend.

There are a lot of considerable factors that affect our ad performance and ultimately lead to this sort of inconsistency. It could be due to the way our target customers interact with our ads -- maybe a huge event is happening in their area, rendering them unable to (or choose not to) go online, or maybe their local ISPs are having a few issues and difficulties and therefore cannot provide their services at the time when we launched our ads, and possibly even more.

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This only means that even if we are optimizing our ads to the fullest (i.e., trying out a bunch of different ad copy, photos, videos, etc. and mixing and matching them all up), our ad performance isn't something that we can easily take control of. At the end of the day, your data will depend on how your customers see and interact with what you are pushing out in Facebook Ads -- and it's not like we can only give up and leave things to fate and faith. No, what we can (and should do) instead is to work harder and smarter, and look for the best possible strategy to maximize our visibility and therefore gain more conversions and successful transactions... which is exactly what I will discuss in this post.

Today, I want to show you how we managed to scale and fix our Facebook Ads from $500 to $4,000 in less than 7 days!

Fixing Our Facebook Ads -- Context

Here is a little bit of background to help us get started:

My total revenue on the 2nd day of January 2019 only amounted to approximately $500, which is, as you may know, scary for us dropshippers because of our ad spend and other expenses. Then on the following day, me and my team managed to quadruple that revenue up to a thousand dollars, and fast forward to 4 days later, on the 7th of January, we have been able to generate a $4,000 revenue! This is exactly where we wanted to be in our business -- the revenues look really healthy, and of course, our return on ad spend is significantly higher.

So, how did we do it?

Before we dive in to that, I just wanted to emphasize how important it is for you to learn more about this strategy so that you, too, can implement it on your own business. At the end of the day, Facebook Ads constantly undergoes changes, and again, you cannot control how your customers would engage and interact with your ads. All that is left for you to do is to test heaps of different things and strategies that would just click with your business. Heck, even something that you tried months ago that didn't work might suddenly become a game changer for you! It's always about using your knowledge and experiences and going through the best of your abilities to be able to finally find that one thing that works; and when you do find it, make the most out of it while it's still working.

Now that that's been said and done, let us go through one of my Facebook ad accounts.

Fixing and Scaling Facebook Ads

The account below is the one that we would launch the most cold traffic and look-alikes to -- ad account #1. As you can see, we spent more than $700 on the active ad sets and got more than $2,400 in return, giving us a 3.28 ROAS. Overall, the data shown above is really healthy for where we want to be in our business.

Here's a question: which of the data shown above best stands out for you? If you answered the first ad set, then we're definitely on the same frequency here! With only a mere $36+ budget, we managed to acquire a $224+ conversion, giving us a whopping 6.20 return on ad spend!

What we have been actually doing around here is that we've been messing around with and testing longer ad copies. So, instead of having just 4 or 5 lines of text with the call-to-action (as with the classic dropshipping ads with the "You will love this!" sort of tagline), we were really trying to go all out and create a story that would actually allow us to connect to our customers. So that would be somewhere around 15 lines of text with links scattered around and a few more creatives to get things going.

Moreover, when we create a new ad, we always start with a $5 to $10 ad budget, let it run for a specified period and see how it would perform. From here, we would determine which ads are working really well and filter them from those that aren't. Then, we duplicate them with an average daily budget of $25 and let them run for a little bit.

Here, we duplicated our ad sets and started launching ads with higher budgets, and you can see that some of them are actually doing very well!

Obviously, with this method, you should expect some losses, as not all of your ads are going to be bringing you sales and profit, but once you do find those that are profitable, you are going to end up with more gains.

One thing that I want to point out, though, is we only want to duplicate those ads that have been performing really well since the beginning (and what I mean by that is when they were only starting out with a low budget), even if you have a few ads that have suddenly gained traction and popularity among your target audiences. We should never take the risk of increasing the budget for ads that have only met our minimum standards because it wouldn't make any sense; you need to test them again and see if it will actually be beneficial for you to invest more on them.

Let's Wrap It Up!

If you are struggling with your Facebook Ads, know that permanently shutting down and giving up is never the answer; what you basically lack is the perfect strategy for gaining more conversions and profit. If something is not working right, you don't just simply throw it in the bin -- you first need to find out what seems to be the problem and look for ways to fix it. The same goes with managing your ads -- rely on what you know and have (which is the data that Facebook is giving you) and filter out the better performing ads from those that aren't going quite so well. Play with creatives and try to formulate the best possible ad for your product and go from there. And once you gain enough momentum, take a risk at those ads that seem to be profitable and scale them to greater heights to increase your brand's visibility and online presence.

At the end of the day, knowledge and experiences are your best weapons in the field of dropshipping and online advertising -- if you feel like don't have what it takes, then allow me to guide you through this journey of making tons and tons of profit!

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