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If you are finding it hard to deal with your affiliate marketing, dropshipping, eCommerce business or with life in general, there is a good possibility that you are doing something wrong along the lines that you are unaware of. I know this because I have been there before — just when I thought that I am doing things perfectly well and performing to the best of my abilities, all of a sudden, it just felt like everything I have worked so hard for came crashing down on me.

And it wasn’t even because I tested the wrong product, nor was it because I kept on pushing a winning product out to the world through my ads; it was because I lost motivation and I didn’t know where to start or what to do next.

Being in the world of dropshipping can sometimes be stressful, and its day-to-day requirements and activities can drain you of your motivation and productivity. If you have ever been in this situation or in some way relate to it, you’ve come to the right post!

Let’s take a break from the usual dropshipping and eCommerce posting and take some time to get in touch with our inner thoughts and mindset. Today, let us talk about some life tips for you to become successful in anything that you want to do, and in life in general.

How To Be Successful In Everything

The number one tip that I can give you in order for you to succeed at everything you do is to be consistent with it. And I want to explain to you why I feel like this is probably the most important advice you will ever need through some of my real-life experiences.

One of the stories that I want to share is my routinely gym visit. I used to go to the gym for 5 days a week, but then one day, I decided to stop. I was progressively lifting heavier weights since my goal back then was to try and beat my record weight for the previous day — so let’s say I lifted around 10 pounds today; tomorrow I’ll go for 15, and so on. I stopped because I got to the point where it just became too overwhelming for me to think of going to the gym to be able to try and beat what I’ve done the previous week.

When you’re pushing yourself too hard, you can reach that sort of tipping point where the thought of doing way better can become a roadblock. However, I didn’t want to skip my routine because then I would feel like I won’t improve and therefore not make any progress. So in a way I was caught in the middle of a mental conflict — and there were a lot of ways that I could have done to prevent this, like lifting lighter weights for a couple of weeks and try to catch up sooner or later. But in the end, my thoughts and emotions got the better of me and I decided to skip going to the gym anyway.

Before I knew it, time went by; 2 months have passed since I last went to work out. And thinking back, I realized that the reason why I did this was because I was too overwhelmed with the thought of having to go to the gym and I was looking for something different, something more. Maybe I got lazy or became too comfortable with things just being a lot more lighter, but what happened was that I didn’t find anything different, and the outcome of that was I lost my gains, and everything that I worked so hard for. After all, you can’t just come back to the gym and lift heavy weights after months of not working out.

And I can relate this to what happened with my YouTube channel. At the time, I was so busy filming my case study that I sort of forgot about my whole channel — that which already had a bit of traction going. For a while, nothing happened to it — no improvements, no new uploads, nothing. And in hindsight, I could have been more consistent and set aside a few days to film new videos and schedule them out all over the week all the while I focus on the case study.

Consistence is Key

Now, I realize that every bit of success that I get in my life — my dropshipping and eCommerce business, my YouTube channel, and even this series of blog posts — all depend on me being consistent at them, and just trying my best to achieve what I want to achieve by working hard for it. My main store that nearly did 2 million dollars last year was a result of my consistency to test products and marketing angles until one clicks.

That is what I actually found back in 2018. We cruised at a higher baseline than we did the previous year with my main store — our monthly revenue was a lot higher. So it has always gone up, but there was a period where we did over $350,000.00, and it was all because all throughout the year, while testing different products, we found this one perfect marketing angle that we put a lot of money on, and the return on revenue was massive. It was a result of my team being so consistent with their work, coming up with different ideas, not getting sidetracked and just overall keeping constant and consistent communication to maximize work efficiency.

Going Back

Fast forward to today… I started going to the gym again. One morning, I woke up and kind of wanted to run to the gym — it’s about a ten-minute jog, which would be way better than having to take my car and find a parking spot. So, I treated this run as a warmup for my workout, especially since I absolutely dreaded leg day!

And then it hit me: what if I keep this routine for a bit longer and see where it would take me? I’ll run for about three kilometers and head to the gym afterwards? So if I’m not going to enjoy going to the gym and if I would just feel overwhelmed just thinking about it, why don’t I add something that I really enjoy into my routine? So I did, kept on it for a while, and guess what? The consistency that I put into this new thing in my life actually clicked, and I have never felt happier about it in my entire life!

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Consistency is key to everything. If you keep on working at something that you want to achieve, there is close to no chance of you failing at it. I want this post to be a mental reminder for you to be consistent and try to find little things in your daily routine that you can enjoy to get your mind off of the stressful elements.

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