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Today, let us tackle a ridiculously effective strategy for promoting and selling products WITHOUT having to spend major funds AND actually making huge sales within 24 hours or less!


Back in 2019, Jon Skywalker called out Greg O’Gallagher on Instagram over some trifling issues.

Now, just to give you a background on the audience count, Jon has over 700,000 followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, the other guy has more than 280,000 on Insta, and over 450,000 on his YouTube channel.

Shortly after the former posted his story, Kin responded with this:

He decided to use the Internet beef and turn it into something that would help him make a profit. Read on to find out what happened, and some analyses on how each occurrence affected his business.

Part I: Taunt and Dare

Obviously, the caption is trying to taunt the other party and mocking them for what they have done.

What does this do?

This is the introduction to what may be the easiest way to make cash online as an established brand. Kin has followers, and he has a lot of them. Surely, even the inactive ones would get to view his story as it would appear on their Home screens one way or another. And if they get just the slightest glimpse of what is currently happening, they are bound to get curious and replay previous stories to get the full context.

And with the caption saying that there would be a huge discount on one of his products, there ought to be at least one purchase request — I mean, who doesn’t love huge discounts?

So, Kin gets views, and possible free social media marketing. What’s next?

Part II: Goal Setting

Kinobody decided to up his game by setting a sales goal.

What does this do?

This is when people would gather and talk about what is going to be a viral Internet drama. People can already participate by viewing Kin’s stories, but by offering a promotion code for his products, he allowed his audience to engage with him and his brand. He is asking for their support, and they can give it by visiting his website or purchasing his products. Through this, people would think, “It would be crazy if this guy would make tons of dollars in this feud. It started as petty talk, but would it turn into a big deal eventually?”

Part III: Reveal

Kinobody purposely made his followers wait in anticipation until the big reveal to increase the hype. By this time, his followers have already spread the news of a heated argument happening, and that there is a unique promotion up for anyone who is willing to participate.

What does this do?

After this move, he should expect more than a few website visitors to view his products and at least add the item to their carts. When customers do make a purchase, then that would mean the gig worked, and people are actually showing their support to the host of the drama. Otherwise, at the very least, they got informed of what the website is about, what products the brand sells, and best of all, an email account was acquired for email marketing purposes.

Part IV: Proof of Sales

About a few minutes later and Kin posted an update on the promotion code and how sales were going. Furthermore, he posted a story with the caption: “In 30 minutes coupon code has done 1200 in octane and 1000 in programs. Total of 2200 for this drama so far.” 

What does this do?

The numbers pertained to the total revenue from people who are making a purchase whilst using the code. Yes, this mocked his competition, but more than that, he showed proof of sales, thus proving his point that he could actually make tons of cash out of what the other party started.

And to think that he made a thousand dollars in just 30 minutes! 

So, sales are being generated; would that be the end? Nope. In fact, the party’s just getting started for Kin.

Part V: Product Showcasing

To provide additional proof for his product (and to further promote the promo code), Kin posted this story, which shows the product photo with the discount details.

What does this do?

This will inform skeptics or those who are yet to make a purchase of what is being sold — they are being told that the product is real and is a physical item. They get a firsthand view of the product and get an opportunity to judge it according to its outer appearance, and maybe get some additional information about it (e.g., flavor, etc.).

Part VI: Inclusion of Other Audiences

At some point, Kinobody’s team must have gotten quite a lot of inquiries from women and other audience groups about the product code, and are wondering if maybe they can join in on the fun, too. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise, as according to the statistics by Omnicore Agency, 56.3% of Instagram users are women (updated on January 2020). 

What does this do?

With Kin activating the promo code for his other gender-specific programs, his client reach has further expanded, and this brought even bigger opportunities for conversions, and of course, more profit!

Part VII: Introduction to Scarcity

After some time, Kin posted a story saying that his stocks will run out soon.

What does this do?

This urged other people who have been following the online showdown to make a purchase as soon as they can in order to jump in and be a part of the current situation. Furthermore, “at this rate” implied that many people really are clicking the Purchase button, which, in turn, meant that they are trusting the brand and are willing to place money on its table, and the effectivity of the product is being proved.

Part VIII: Status Report

Kin then posted two stories describing his to-be-fulfilled orders for the day, as well as his revenue just from doing the discount code gig.

What does this do?

This assures the public that the sales Kin was talking about was not merely a scam; it is real, and a lot of people are making a purchase.

This also backs up the previous story stating that his products are going to be out of stock soon if people will keep buying at the then-current rate.

Moreover, he stated that he is close to reaching his revenue goal, which would have piqued the interests of his audience and further fueling up their anticipation. He is close to his goal, and that would mean he really did win against Skywalker — and nothing beats a good drama wherein the perceived enemy eventually won over the other.

Part IX: Heartwarming Messages

What better way to wrap things up with some heartwarming testimonials? In this story, Kin shared a screenshot of a conversation between him and one of his clients. Judging by the cropped photo on the upper portion (and according to the message): you can tell that this is a “Before” photo.

What does this do?

This seals the deal. There’s no better testimonial than that from someone who, at one point in their life, felt as thoughThey have lost all hope until a fateful encounter. This is arguably one of the best testimonials you can ever get — when one of your products or programs has ultimately changed a person’s life and they have expressed their sincerest gratitude.

I mean, your initial goal was to make a profit, but did you ever think that you would have such a powerful impact on others? Truly, this is what would make your brand one of the best out there.


So what just happened?

Within a few hours, Kin has raked up a thousand dollars from the heated argument between him and Skywalker! And it was all made possible by…

Free social media marketing.

He advertised his products through a social media platform — somewhere millions of people go to on their spare time (or whenever they get the chance to). So, who loves a classy drama? Everyone, especially if it’s happening online. Kin knew this and decided to take advantage of it. Looking back, he only advertised his product at least once and he let his followers do the rest.

A loyal follower might have talked about the topic with his/her colleagues and they decided to check on it. Then they talk about it with their other friends and they check on it, and the cycle goes on.

Sales started coming through when Kin offered a discount coupon. People have a greater tendency to make a purchase when they know that the price has been lowered — it creates the illusion that they would save money when in reality, they are still spending.

We all know how hard it is to make a purchase online because we aren’t quite sure how We would feel about the product of interest once it gets to our doorstep. Social proof showed the effectivity of the product, and this would eventually help build trust between the seller and the buyer.

By providing constant updates, the people are kept informed that one party is winning and owning the other, and this allowed the former to attract even more support.

And through customer testimonials, the success of the transactions are transparently shown, meaning the product is real, can be delivered without any problem, can be used for a specific purpose, and actually works. For those who really need it but are still skeptical, their doubts will surely get lifted.

What is ridiculous is that even Jon Skywalker’s followers can scoot their way over to the other guy’s page and check his updates. Whether they are with, against or neutral with the former, they are already sending traffic over to the latter’s pages and are helping him make a quick buck!

Meanwhile, on my end, I do have over a million dollars in revenue, but I have to spend a good percentage of that for my marketing campaigns, including Facebook Ads! I could have gained even more profit if I had that kind of social media influence.

Best of all, it was all done free of charge. The money Kin would have used for his marketing campaign can be put to better use — or straight to his pocket, even!

Let’s Wrap It Up!

We have seen the power of social media influence and what social media marketing can do for one’s business. If you are still interested in Kin’s products, he may still have it on sale as of the moment. Though the argument is long done, the fact still remains: within a few hours, his strategy worked, and he clearly won over the other guy.

Heck, this post alone is already an advertisement for him — and it’s not even paid!

Lesson learned: build influence and be a brand that would eventually offer solutions to other people’s problems (but never start a drama, unless necessary!).

Furthermore, it is important for you to keep engaging with your clients and potential customers to secure at least a friendly relationship. This would be a great start, because you are building trust and letting them know that you are real and you are a brand worth investing in.

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