This Case Study reveals...

The Exact System I Used To Generate $105,080 In 30 Days With A New Store


This is EXACTLY what I wish I had been able to watch before I started my first online store!

Limited-time ONLY!

$997 $4,573

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THIS is what is POSSIBLE if you start an Online Store the RIGHT WAY

Here is the first 30 days of the store scaled to over $100K. You SEE THE PRODUCT and HOW I did this!


Here is my profit / loss showing over $1000 profit some days in this Case Study


And this is what I have been able to ACHIEVE with ONE of my Online Stores

Just TWO and a half years ago I was JUST LIKE YOU and it blows my mind. I knew NOTHING about Ecommerce. Now, I have a store that did nearly $2,000,000 last year and over $500,000 with Email Marketing.

My main store has achieved over $1,000,000 in sales in the first 5 months of 2019


And best of all (if you know my story) I have managed to get better work / life balance!

I bought an old school bus and travelled in it through the USA and Canada while working! A dream of mine!

Your brain is INCREDIBLY powerful.

Your brain weighs only three pounds, yet it has approximately 100 billion neurons, has blood vessels which span over 100,000 miles in length, but....

But your brain gets EASILY DISTRACTED, OVERWHELMED, AND FATIGUED. My Case Study here has been designed to show you over-my-shoulder EXACTLY how I start and scale a Successful Online Store so you can DO WHAT I DO and not get overwhelmed by all the information out there online (some of which DOES NOT WORK!)

People who join TODAY will instantly Get Access to the Case Study AND get these BONUSES included!


I find a product and I show you WHY I think the other marketer is currently making LOTS of money with it. This helps you IDENTIFY other money-making products YOURSELF as you understand what to look for in products.

Total value: $97



See how I built and structure my store (including how I design it and the pages I include), as well as how I optimize my store to increase my Conversion Rate to nearly 4% AND convert traffic from my Facebook Ads to BUYERS who actually COMPLETE your Checkout Page. I explain my thinking and how our changes impact my store so YOU can make the same changes to your store to get more buyers!

Total value: $497


#3 FACEBOOK ADS - The Beginners Guide

Did you know Facebook Ads is an Auction-based system, but the person who is willing to pay the highest doesn't always win? Learn how the Facebook Ads system works from the ground-up and use this to your ADVANTAGE to make better ads and get more sales!

Total value: $497


#4 FACEBOOK ADS - Advanced Scaling Playbook

Watch me use my strategies to find highly-profitable audiences inside my Ad Sets who are EAGER to buy my product, and then watch me scale these Audiences and spend $350, $500 and more DAILY on each Audience while making healthy profit!

BONUSES: Learn the differences between Cost Cap, Bid Cap and Target Cost so you can spend more profitably!

Total value: $497


#5 FACEBOOK ADS - Retargeting Mastery

Retargeting is when you show your products AGAIN to someone who has been exposed to your brand previously and this is where you make THE BIG BUCKS. Here, I explain in detail the NUMBER ONE thing you MUST do when you set up your Retargeting Ads in Facebook. I also show you the Retargeting Ads I have set up for this store, the words I use in the Ads and the Images I use, as well as the OFFERS we build to put people over the edge and finally BUY our product.

BONUSES: I give coupon codes in my Popups on my store and I show you how I retarget these in facebook ads for massive ROAS + PLUS more! (examples given of my 7-figure store!

Total value: $497



I explain the THREE main methods you can use when fulfilling your Orders in your store and I explain WHEN to use each. I show you how to Place the Orders and Pay your Suppliers as you watch OVER MY SHOULDER to see exactly how it is done. I also show you how to send your TRACKING NUMBERS to customers in the BEST way (hint: It's not Oberlo or Dropified).

BONUSES: See how I use CSV EXPORTS to bulk-fulfill hundreds of Orders daily and HOW I organize this in Google Sheets PLUS see HOW I set up my Google Sheets to automatically send my Customers their TRACKING NUMBERS each day.

Total value: $497


#6 CUSTOMER SERVICE + Get My Email Templates!

See the SOFTWARE I use to repond to customer emails and ACTUALLY SEE the emails I send to my customers.

BONUSES: Those who JOIN TODAY get a copy of the Email Templates I use for my Dropshipping businesses to help you get up and running FAST with your Customer Service (massive time-saver - these have been developed over TWO YEARS!)

Total value: $497


#7 BUILD A TEAM - The Perfect Team Formula

I go through everything from the FIRST PERSON you should hire, to who to hire second, third and fourth and WHY you MUST hire in this particular order. I show you WHERE to hire people from, how much you should PAY for each role AND I show you HOW TO POST THE JOB.

BONUSES: I reveal how I have HIRED in such a way that my main store doing nearly TWO-million dollars a year is nearly 100% automated so you can do the same!

Total value: $497


#8 EMAIL MARKETING - The Automation Machine

I absolutely LOVE Email Marketing and in this section you see WHY it is important to focus on Email Marketing with your store. I show you the Emails I set up for the Case Study store, and the SOFTWARE I recommend.

BONUSES: I reveal my taping-up-the-box METHOD which gave up A LOT of extra profit with the store + I show you strategies we use in my main store to do over $500,000 in sales from EMAIL MARKETING last year.

Total value: $497



Limited-time ONLY!

$997 $4,573

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Prices increase soon!

26 other people have already joined the Case Study before the price goes up!


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