My Passive Income & how you can start to make your own today

Recently, I had to take some time off work and it really reminded me just how important it is to build a business that provides into to you without your need to actually work and focus attention on it for a bit.

Some call this passive income, and while I feel it is a misleading word, some business models definitely offer ou the ability to not have to work for money.

BUT, to get to this point and have income be passive income, you NEED to put in the work for a long time and is unpaid work.

You can't launch successful products with dropshipping and then take a month off after. Well, you could live off the profits for a bit, but what's going to be there after you come back from your margaritas and tacos down in Puerto Eescondido?

Not much.

Having been doing e-commerce for 2 years, I've got a large email list which my email manager write content and sends emails to.

This is passive for me. Being, it doesn't rely on me doing the work.

BUT, A LOT of work went into building this list over the last 2 years.

In this video I explain the 2 main ways I plan to build and grow a special type of income for my future self - one that doesn't equate time with $.

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