Paypal Or Shopify Payments / Stripe to Process Payments In Your Ecommerce Store?

I pulled my hair out over PayPal after they held $25,000 of mine and went through a massive process of seeing if I really needed them.

So... I ran a test. PayPal vs Stripe - The Ultimate Test. A/B testing takes time and I definitely recommend you test it on your store yourself. Here is what I found across my store and what I am doing.

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Again, this was a reminder to myself (and hopefully to your wisdomly self) to not always believe what you hear) and to test things for yourself.

This video is for people new to Dropshipping who are looking at the different payment processors they can use for their website to take payments. I compare Stripe and PayPal here because I use the CommerceHQ Ecommerce platform. Shopify Payments is Stripe on shopify, so the test is still valid for Shopify users and is synonymous with Shopify Payments vs PayPal.

I hope this helps - comment below how much you hate PayPal (or if you're still using them and had different results to my test).

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