The Pirate Club is now closed

After many months of running The Pirate Club, I have made the decision to close it down.

Please read below to see why I closed down The Pirate Club and what I recommend you do next to keep learning Ecommerce.

A lack of time

You’ve landed on this page because you’ve seen me speak about The Pirate Club.

It was a monthly membership I was running and as it started to grow with more and more users…

I couldn’t keep up with producing more content each month while still running my main eCommerce Store.

While The Pirate Club was something I enjoyed doing, it has to be something that I look to do once I sell my eCommerce store.

When you start your online store, always be thinking about the chance that you might want to sell it one day.

Selling your store, it’s usually a multiple of the net profit you’ve made over a certain period of time.

For example, if you are doing $10,000 a month in net profit, then you might sell your store for 24 times that, so $240,000.

So while building the memberships inside The Pirate Club was good fun and becoming profitable, it was taking me away from my eCommerce store, which meant I was making less net profit there than what I could be and thus affecting this multiple for when I sell.

Selling is something I want to do soon, so I’m all hands on deck with that for now and blogging here on when I get the chance.

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I appreciate you taking the time to check out The Pirate Club,

Speak soon!

Here is what I recommend you do next

My Story My WooCommerce sales for my store.

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I can barely keep my car battery charged as an adult (I’ve had to get a jump start 5 times already this year).

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Oh.. and I am now running all my websites on WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin.

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