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Should one sell products that he or she feels passionate about, or should profit stand above the rest?

In order to answer this long-debated question, I’ve gathered some examples from the Facebook ads I’ve had the pleasure of being targeted for. I won’t charge you for taking notes, so grab those pens and papers right away, as though we won’t be having a tutorial for today, what we are going to discuss might just be one of the best tips you’ll ever get for starting your very own dropshipping business!

Selling Products To Gain Profit

The first product we are going to discuss is this sofa cover from Her Dream House.

Repurpose the couch you already love

The cover is said to protect your sofa from accidental spills and other kinds of dirt, and prevent the younger generation from even attempting to the destroy beloved furniture, thus prolonging visual aesthetics and overall cleanliness. At a measly cost, you can save thousands of dollars by not having to purchase a new sofa once it gets tarnished, scratched, or ultimately, destroyed.

A Look Inside Her Dream Home

If we take a closer look at Her Dream House (as of date, the website seems to be unavailable or have been permanently deleted or renamed), we’ll find that they are not selling just one product, but a variety of home accessories, household solutions, furniture, etc., all the small things that could make a house feel like home in no time.

The bottom line here is that they are selling multiple products that are obviously not of their own creations. They are getting these items from a supplier and markets them at a slightly higher cost while staying in-tune with their brand’s theme.

From here, we can draw out a hypothesis: the company is not selling products because they want to help other people; they are doing it to make money. Yes, they might be offering modern-day solutions, but the store’s theme is still but a front to aid in their marketing strategies.

Selling Passion-Based Products

Now let’s take a look at this second product: a massage gun from Recovery Pro.

The product is a ripoff from Jason Wersland’s Theragun, so we’ll base our discussion from there. But basically, what it does is it provides quick and easily accessible relief for muscle pain. So, instead of having to go to a professional massage therapist or a medical professional, you can do the massaging at home, because the product was based on research and careful studies.

A Look Inside Theragun

Pay Theragun a visit and you’ll see that the whole website is endorsing its products through the company’s success stories.

You can also easily tell that the products are not coming from a remote supplier, because the website is dedicated to selling only the massage guns and their accessories. There’s no variety of massage equipment to be found, either.

If you think about it, muscle pain is a relatively common problem, but not a lot of people would go out and actually try to find products to ease their pains. After all, they could just do the massaging themselves by hand. Furthermore, they may be providing easy solutions, but they are offering them at a higher cost. So why would this company create an equipment that are not guaranteed to sell?

Because unlike the former, there was one thing that was blended in with the product: passion. For the people working for the company, there may be uncertainty, but if a sale would guarantee the comfort of a patient, then everything will be worth it in the end.

Besides, they are not manufacturing the products at a large scale, so there wouldn’t be much loss if the products eventually fail in the marketing and sales department.

Now, in terms of choosing products for your online store, which one would you go with: products that would sell, or those that were produced as a result of your passion?

The Verdict

So, passion, or profit? The best answer I can give you is…

You can actually choose both!

If you are new to the dropshipping niche, you can start off by selling products that can be considered to be “easy and cheap” solutions to modern-day problems.

Take for example the first product we’ve discussed. Of course, no one would want to spend thousands of dollars to replace their furniture just because it looks a bit sloppy. But then, they would want to keep them neat and clean for as long as possible. Her Dream House addressed this problem and offered a sofa cover — at an amazingly low price, too!

Lesson learned: there is money in solving other people’s problems.

As for our second example, Theragun’s massage guns were based on thorough research and studies. Passion was obviously invested into the product; otherwise, the company owners wouldn’t even think of making such an effort just to perfect their goods. Although, the products they offer do not guarantee sales because of other existing and more conventional alternatives.

There is, however, a good thing to selling products that you feel passionate about:

Being passionate and understanding your product will also help you sell your products as you can think of hooks / angles and you understand the problems the audience are facing (that your product solves) better than other people who are advertising the product because it “sells well”. In the end, running a store with products with high margins, in a niche you’re passionate about, would be the end goal.

Lesson learned: you can use dropshipping as a kick starter for your own products.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

A lot of people often venture into the business field mainly because of two reasons: (1) they want to make money alone, or (2) their passions blended well with their sense of entrepreneurship. The fact of the matter is that there is no wrong reason for wanting to go out there and make a profit; all one needs are a fair understanding of what could sell, courage and good analyzation skills as to when they should give either their 100% or none at all due to certain circumstances.

So, passion, or profit? If you’re looking to start a dropshipping business, it’s a better option to choose profit — sell products that you think would generate a lot of sales. Choose something that would help other people and actually solve their problems. On the other hand, if you’ve gained enough traction and built for yourself just a strong enough online presence, that is when you could finally go out and sell your own products — those that you’ve poured your heart into and want to share with the rest of the world.

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