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Sometimes the hardest part of managing this website is coming up with ideas for blog posts and videos for YouTube.

If you are in the position where:

  • You need a plugin recommendation: You know what you want to do on your WordPress website but you’re not sure what the best plugin is for the job
  • You are using FunnelKit Automations / WooFunnels / Beaver Builder or one of the other plugins I blog reguarly about, and you’re not sure how to do something specifically with these plugins
  • You just have a problem in general that you’d like me to help you with…

The please complete the form below! I’d love to help.

*** PLEASE NOTE: This blog and YouTube are a side project, so if I feel like the content idea is not the best fit for my website, I may not produce the content on your idea. But that doesn’t mean I am any less gracious for you taking the time to complete this form.

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