WooFunnels is like ClickFunnels, but more powerful and on WordPress. Oh..and it does a lot more.

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WooFunnels Review 2022: After A Million-dollars In sales

In this WooFunnels review, I’m going to show you how I am using this WordPress plugin to increase the sales and net profit in my WooCommerce store that does millions of dollars in sales each year.

I held of writing this article while I tested the plugin thoroughly and now that it’s been over a year, I feel I can give you a great perspective on whether the plugin is right for you and your business by showing you how I am using it in my business.

In this review, you can expect to see:

Screenshots of the plugin’s interface so you can understand how it works very quickly
Examples of how I have WooFunnels set up in my WooCommerce store to help you “put yourself in my shoes” and see how this plugin could be integrated and benefit your business
An example of a WooFunnels feature that I was really excited to use but, after setting it up, I actually can’t use this feature (and you might not be able to, either)

And much more! Into the article we go…

Why I bought the WooFunnels Lifetime Deal (LTD)

WooFunnels is more than a ClickFunnels replacement. I mention this, because I didn’t understand the power of WooFunnels when I first bought it and maybe you are in the same position as I was.

Maybe you’re in the same position and looking to replace ClickFunnels, or you know you want to have one-click upsells to increase your profits and you’re looking for your first funnel building software.

ClickFunnels was expensive, buggy and extremely hard for me to manage with the way my business was set up. I had over 25 funnels with ClickFunnels and I dreaded updating them, as you can see below where all my funnels hadn’t been updated for over a month.

WooFunnels Review 2022: After A Million-dollars In sales

Now, I don’t want to bash on ClickFunnels – it’s because of them I converted all my paid traffic over to sales funnels and was able to scale my store aggressively with ads…

I even got their Two Comma Club award (below):

But I am a WordPress user at heart and always have been and I really missed being able to edit the code and customize my website however I want.

And the price I was paying to be limited by a Saas just ended up not making sense for my business.

When I moved from ClickFunnels to WooFunnels, was paying $299/month for ClickFunnels and then I decided to move to the yearly offer for $1997. Doing the math, that’s still $166 per month that I was paying for a software that I wasn’t all too happy with.

WooFunnels Lifetime Deal: (This link gives you access)

So you’re probably wondering why I even went the ClickFunnels route in the first place.

Truth be told, ClickFunnels was really the only option I had when I first started building sales funnels.

In the overall scheme of Sales Funnels, WordPress plugins that build Sales Funnels on WooCommerce are all relatively new. And that’s why it’s all so exciting.

Plugins like WooFunnels and Autonami, Beaver Builder and Elementor, cheaper hosting that is more powerful than 5 years ago – all these things seem to have come together right now at the same time, to make all of this possible and amazing.

What does the WooFunnels plugin do?

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