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Here at WagePirate we have experienced first hand how OVERWHELMING it can be to start your first online store. We KNOW there is A LOT of content out there, and everyone recommends you do things differently.

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Why I started


A message from Grant Ambrose, founder of WagePirate.

The fact is I HAVE been where you are and I COMPLETELY understand where your head is at right now.


You’ve probably heard this time and time again, watched people on Instagram take up travelling and work out of Mexico, Thailand, Eastern Europe or, particularly with us Australians - Bali (hey, we like to surf!).

It’s being thrown MORE AND MORE in your face and you’re ready to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

“I want to have my OWN online business and do this fun stuff too!” - you.

“But I don’t know how it works :S What do I do to make money online?” - former you.

Maybe you’re driving to work and stuck in traffic, maybe you’re in the corporate trap of being overworked and underpaid, or maybe you’re stuck in a job you studied for and have since realised DRAINS your energy and is NOT what you want to wake up doing in 10 years and you feel STUCK and have MASSIVE ANXIETY.

Whatever the reason, you’re here on this website because YOU ARE READY to make a change in your life. That’s the biggest step and I want to say CONGRATULATIONS! It’s a hard step to take but the right one.

There are countless ways to make money online but here at WagePirate we teach how to make money online with a unique Ecommerce business model called Dropshipping.

I have personally tried A LOT of different ways to make money online and Dropshipping has given me the MOST fufillment in what I do, paid the most along the way, and allows you to build a long-term business in the process which has ASSETS that you can sell later on.

With starting your first online store, you need to know what products to sell, what software to use, where to source your products, how to run your advertising, and more. A lot of people FAIL with Ecommerce but it is 100% possible to build the online business of your dreams with an Ecommerce store if you have THE RIGHT PATH laid out infront of you. And that’s why I created this website.

WagePirate is here to set a CLEAR PATH for you to follow to help YOU make your first $1000 / day online WITHOUT wasting your time, your money, or your ENERGY!

If you KNOW you’re ready to start a business that will better fulfill your ambitions, and you know you’re ready to put in the hard-work and give it your all...

Then you’re in THE RIGHT PLACE. This is THE website that will help you make sense of everything you need to do to start an online store and make your first $1000 / day online. Welcome to our website - this might be the change you need in your life right now and I’m excited to have you here.


We’re everything you need!

Think of WagePirate as your main ship and also your much needed rescue raft

The problem today with starting an online business is there are SO MANY different business models you can choose and it can cause you to NOT TAKE ACTION.


STOP searching around for the “quickest way to make money online”, “which online business makes you the most money” or “how to make money online” because you’ll end up being OVERWHELMED and NEVER STARTING.

Or worse - half-starting 5 business models and wasting (1) money, (2) time and (3) ENERGY. We mentioned money first because we wanted to get it out the way as truth be told, it is THE LEAST important of the three.

When working online, your ENERGY is the most valuable resource that you need to hold on to for dear life. If you don’t have ENERGY, but you have time and money - it won’t matter, as you wont be able to get anything done.

A lack of energy breeds a lack of ambition - a lack of being able to push through and overcome steep learning curves, solve problems, and fix what is or gets broken along the way.

We started WagePirate to teach YOU the Ecommerce business model Dropshipping because we truly feel it is the BEST way to make a living online.

We teach Dropshipping to our community by SIMPLIFYING the process of starting your store and cutting-out-the-fat so you know the EXACT path you need to take to make money with your store. That’s our way of sharing our strategies and content.

Oh, and that community thing we just mentioned? That community is a group of people JUST LIKE YOU who are following our Dropshipping methods to make their first $1000 / day online and beyond. And this community is SO IMPORTANT and one of the CORE BACKBONES of our WAGEPIRATE group.

While you are following our PROVEN Dropshipping system to set up your store and make your first $1000 / day online, our community is there FOR YOU to share ideas, build friendships, and most importantly - remind you IT IS POSSIBLE and to KEEP ON GOING with it all. The WAGEPIRATE community will help you BREAKTHROUGH your road blocks so you have THE BEST CHANCE of making your first $1000 / day online.

We’re PUMPED just writing this - I hope you too!


Now, we want to introduce you to...The Pirate Club

The Pirate Club is our private membership group - a community of highly-driven people ready to change their lives and make their first $1000 online. The Pirate Club's four points of leverage are:



We have a REASON; something that is leaving us empty inside “wanting more” and we’re ready to work hard.



Our goals are LARGE! We’re here to grow our stores into assets and make this our full-time income.



Whatever is thrown at us, we ask for answers and push through barriers to ensure we overcome challenges.



We answer each other’s questions to share ideas and help each other push on and reach our goals.

The members on our community use each of these 4 thing as LEVERAGE to keep pushing past problems, breaking down roadblocks and ultimately SMASHING GOALS with our stores.

And it's because of those four points that...

Joining The Pirate Club is the #1 way to get to $1000

The PirateClub: A group of people who harness our FOUR POINTS OF LEVERAGE to start their online store, push through the learning curve and make their first $1000 / day online.


Now that you know starting an Online Store is the RIGHT business model YOU should start to earn money online, you’re probably wondering..what’s next? How do I start?

There are a lot of moving parts to starting an online store. You need to first choose the software you want to run your online store on, then you need to create your logo and do your branding, then you need to buy your domain name, set up your emails, sign-up and connect PayPal and other things you’ll need to accept payments on your website, and everything else associated with just getting your store “ready”.

Then, you need to go ahead and find some products, know where to source those products, add those products to your website, know what price to sell these products for and so on.

You then need to create your Ads that you’ll be using for these products which means knowing how to edit videos, write text that sells and then how to ACTUALLY put your ads into Facebook to then launch your ads and have them show to people in facebook.

Then you have customer service, you need to know how to place your orders with your supplies, keep track of your profit and loss and so on.

While the above might seem COMPLEX and OVERWHELMING if you have NEVER started an online store before, we are here to tell you that it actually IS NOT HARD. Well, it does NOT need to be hard. That’s where The PirateClub comes in...


OK, here we go!

Here is why The Pirate Club has everything you need to make money with ecommerce

The PirateClub is designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to make your first $1000 / day online with your store. For one low monthly membership price, you get TRAINING VIDEOS, HOT-SELLING PRODUCTS handed to you, done-for-you Facebook Ads, and more. Let us break it down for you. By joining The PirateClub:

  • You get ACCESS to The PirateProgram, a complete VIDEO training library which shows you everything you need to know to get started! From choosing your store name and setting up your email addresses, designing your logo, what software to use for your store, - all the way through to how to create your Facebook Ads, and much more. The PirateProgram teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to make your first $1000 / day online by SIMPLIFYING the process. It has been designed for COMPLETE BEGINNERS who are NOT-TECHNICAL i.e. complete newbies.

  • You get ACCESS to The PirateProduct APP - our PRIVATE product research tool that is ONLY AVAILABLE to members of The PirateClub. Our team searches the web for products that are making other marketers MONEY RIGHT NOW. We take these products, create our own unique videos to promote this product, write out text for the ads, and then we add these products into The PirateProduct APP ready for YOU to login, add to your store and promote using ads RIGHT NOW for your store. But this isn’t like every other Product Research APP - The PirateProduct APP will teach you to THINK LIKE A MARKETER and when you use these products with your store by implementing what you learn in The PirateProgram training videos, you’ll be AHEAD OF THE COMPETITON.

  • You get ACCESS to The PirateCommunity our PRIVATE Facebook Group EXCLUSIVELY for people in The PirateClub. The PirateCommunity is there to HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE and ensure you are working to make your first $1000 / day online. We limit access to this Facebook group ONLY to our members so that we know everyone in there is SERIOUS about making money with their online store and as we are all following The PirateProgram, the group has NO FLUFF or SPAM and we’re all there to see each other succeed with our online store.


Supercharge your progress by taking our 30-day Challenge

Our 30-day Challenge is the same as joining The Pirate Club, except you get 1-on-1 support to accellerate your learning so you can make that first $1000 / day with your store faster! About our 30-day challenge:

  • You get EVERYTHING in The PirateClub and MORE!...

  • You get access to The PirateProgram training videos, our library of BEGINNER-FRIENDLY videos which show you how to do EVERYTHING you need to do to make $1000 with your store.

  • You get access to The PirateProduct APP, our private app which gives you hot-selling products you can test along with READY-TO-GO videos and text to use in your Ads immediately.

  • You get 1-ON-1 WEEKLY CALLS, one call weekly for 4 weeks. We answer questions SPECIFIC TO YOU to help you overcome any challenges you’re having to ensure you reach your $1000 goal.

  • You get PRIVATE ACCESS TO GRANT AKA The Captain. For 30 days, you can private message Grant with ANY QUESTIONS that you might have the arise between your weekly calls. This is done through VOXER, an APP that has walkie-talkie communication, and answers are provided within 24 hours.

And you can also...

See the exact system Grant used to generate $105,080 in 30 days with a new store

This is what we call our 100K Case Study.


The Case Study is a collection of OVER 150 VIDEOS. Each video is short and to-the-point, and the videos teach you the strategies Grant uses to take a product and scale it to over $100,000 in a month and make over $1000 profit per day.

By watching over Grant’s shoulder, can you see how he sets up each strategy and he also shows you the results of each test he does so you can see what works and what does not work.

The Case Study starts with Grant revealing a product that he finds in his Facebook newsfeed and he breaks down why he wants to try market this product. He does this by BREAKING DOWN and analysing what the competitor currently advertising this product is doing well and WHY this product has all the characteristics of a money-making product.

You then see Grant’s store that he creates, as well as the initial Facebook Ads he launches. From there, you follow him along as the store evolves, from getting 2 sales on the third day right through to grossing over $11,000 in one day with this product.

You learn A LOT about Facebook Ads, store optimization, Facebook Ads retargeting and actually see these strategies implemented by Grant in his Facebook Ads account and the results.

Again, these results generate over $100,000 in under 30 days and are strategies Grant has learnt over his 3 years working with Ecommerce full-time and grossing over 4 MILLION in sales with his Ecommerce stores.


We have 3 levels of support to help with your store



Jump onboard our ship and join the PirateClub! You get access to our ProductPirate APP where we give you trending products you can sell, along with unique videos edited by us, Ad Copy Ideas, ideas for targeting inside facebook & MORE!


30-Day Challenge

Our 30-day Challenge is the kick-up-the-bum you need to finally get your store up and running. A 30-day time limit is set and the goal is to have you find a product, set up your store and make get some SOLID traction with your store!


100K Case-Study

If you have a product that is giving you some sales, we recommend checking out our 100K Case Study. You see the Captain Grant Ambrose take a new product and scale it to over $100,000 in 30 days. It is 150 videos and very comprehensive!

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