Without setting goals you can’t really track your progress, stay focused, develop your skills, or deliver things on time to the people who matter. You procrastinate more as you don’t know where to start and at the end of the day you’ve completely what realistically could have been done in half the time. You’ve been unproductive today, and tomorrow you’ll be rushed for that deadline.

Rushed? Rushed! Extremely rushed. Something that could have been avoided.

And what’s worse is that when you’re rushed, you start to take shortcuts and repeatedly do the things you know how to do as you can do them quickly.

We all do this. While writing this post I had to refrain from checking facebook, testing Social Warfare (a new Social Media plugin everyone is raving about that I just purchased) and checking out some of the Beaver Builder page templates Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder just released that I am using on my website).

It’s hard to stay focused.

The important thing here is that by repeating what you already know, you’ve compromised yet another chance to learn how to make that transparent header you’ve always wanted to try.

And this process is iterative. Compound this repetition of skills you already know by the time you’ve worked, and the information you have failed to take an opportunity to learn is enormous.

Let’s both stop this now by setting some realistic goals.

It is important to set goals to help you break bad habits and perform better.

We too lack the ability to set goals

This is why we’re doing the 30 Blog posts in 30 days challenge.

At BeyondBeaver.com we do website designs for clients, sell our Child Themes and Landing Pages, consult and write the articles on our Blog. It can get a bit busy and most days we’ve got jobs and tasks planned that get pushed back because of the emails we get overnight, new ideas we have in our sleep, and an endless list we won’t bore you with now.

But we’ve recently we as a business have realised that this can’t be the case anymore. We need to start mapping out our days so we can keep up with client requests and also focus our efforts on some other things we enjoy like writing blog posts and helping within the Beaver Builder community.

30 blog posts in 30 days is a partnership between you and us

You will receive extremely valuable information that you can immediately carry into your professional lives and business’ structures. In return, you’re giving us the opportunity to stick to our plan of writing 30 blog posts in 30 days and to stop pushing important things back.

For this, we’re thanking you in advance.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to write 30 blog posts in 30 days and develop a habit we’ll keep. A habit that’ll allow us to set and meet the goals we’re wanting to do.

The goals we’re wanting to complete will allow us to better help you

They say it takes 21 days to break a habit.

So by the end of 21 days, we’ll have successfully instilled a habit of setting goals and will be able to do these things that’ll help you personally:

  1. Write helpful blog posts regularly: BeyondBeaver.com is founded on the basis of the Beaver Builder community and those who we interact with in the WordPress community. As blogging is new to us, we’ve only written a limited number of posts thus far but are extremely excited to be able to offer a whole lot more over the short and long term.
  2. Offer online courses: Online video courses that’ll help you learn everything from WordPress basics and mastering Beaver Builder, to strategies in setting up your Web Agency and everything in between.
  3. Have time put aside to regularly learning: Like you, we want to regularly learn also so that we have new things to share with our readers who are also wanting to expand their knowledge. This means we have to designate some time each week to develop our own skills.

You should set goals during this blog post series

Money and knowledge come and go, but time doesn’t. If you learn something from one of our posts that you feel could really help you save time, or you’re just curious to learn it, plan out your week with a couple of hours put aside to try out what you’ve learnt from our post. Two hours spent actually practicing what you’ve learnt could reduce the time it takes you to complete your next project. Compound this time saved by learning new things with the number of projects you’ll get in the future, and it really starts to add up.

And just to be clear, we’re no different.

We’re no exception from this. We are constantly reading and learning new strategies from processes and workflow through to work-life balance, and some simple things we learn we just never get around to implementing into our lives. But it doesn’t really make sense, does it. We know something will help us do things better,  but we just don’t do it. Because we’re “too busy”. Even though what we could learn by practising the tip we’ve been exposed to – could make us less busy.

Let’s change this together.

Some blog posts will be slightly more advanced, but you can set the simple goal of reading the post

The topics in our blog posts will range in complexity, but a simple goal you could set yourself is to just read the complete article. No matter how hard it gets. You can always reach out to us with your questions by commenting on the post. And we might even revise the post and answer your question in there. The chances are that by reading the entire blog post and completing your goal, you’ve asked an appropriate question, we’ve updated our post, and ultimately you’ve helped someone else with a similar problem.

Share your goals with us

Throughout the 30 blog posts in 30 days series, an obvious goal you could set would be to try and implement what our blog post explains. It doesn’t have to be that week, but maybe the following. Again, we’d advise you don’t push back the important things. But maybe you have a client project coming up that week that you could implement the topic of the blog post into.

No matter what goals you set or when you set them, we’d love to know what goals you’re working to achieve. Please let us know by posting into the comments section below.

And that’s time

A goal that we set before writing this blog post was to do it within a certain time so that we can continue on with our day and complete the other tasks we’ve planned. Stopping now isn’t something we would normally do, as we’re sure we could continue to write more. But we need to break this habit. We need to stop writing and move on to another task.

But that’s ok.

We’ve got our point across and need to move onto the next task.

Hopefully after reading this you’ll move on with your day to complete the other tasks you’ve got planned. So that you’re not rushing tomorrow. So that you’ve got some time tomorrow to learn something new. Something that’ll help you do things better the next day.

Break the habit by setting some goals today.

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