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Just recently, I encountered a problem with one of my niche stores — I was selling a product that weighed around 950 grams (which is just a few grams short of a kilogram), and if you have been operating in the business for quite some time now, you would know how ridiculous the shipping costs are once you reach this weight (though if you are unaware, shipping a product weighing a kilogram or more would cost you $20 via Shipping Line).

Normally, I would contact my supplier to ask if they could lower the costs, but this particular supplier can’t do anything more about this issue, and that left me with two options: either I deal with it, or I find another supplier that would listen to my appeals.

The latter would be too much of a hassle for me… and you know the rest. Obviously, I don’t want to have to pay that much for shipping AND still spend my budget on Facebook Ads — heck, what would that leave me with? Nothing! On the other hand, if I actually charge my customers with $20 shipping, they might get discouraged by what they would see on their total bill and end up shying away from making their purchase.

That left me with a question: since I have to make do with the high shipping charges, how can I still make money if I am left with no other choice but to slow down on my Facebook Ads spend?

In this post, I am going to show you a neat trick that I have personally implemented on one of my niche stores to entice people into buying from it — WITHOUT having to spend on Facebook Ads!

Facebook Ads Alternative?! What Is It?

I signed up to a website called UpViral, and with it, you can run a giveaway contest for your email list. The winner is decided through a pointing system, wherein a specific action done is equivalent to a set number of points; by the end of the giveaway duration, the person with the most number of points will be deemed the winner.

Of course, you can also have runners-up if you can afford to have some; it all depends on how you want to market your brand and how you would want the event to turn out.

Now, you might be thinking, how the heck can you earn more money via this giveaway contest if you are, in the first place, going to give away something for free?! The answer: good email marketing strategies.

Did you know that you can also advertise and sell your products via email? Yep, that is highly possible, even if you are promoting your event! Take this for example: if my grand prize would be worth $100, I can just treat that loss as some money that I could have used for my Facebook Ads spending; instead, I took all my advertising material and distributed it to the people in my email list. From there, they might find something interesting, and all I have to do is to setup my emails in a way that would provide convenience and an excellent shopping experience for the receivers.

Moreover, through email marketing and the giveaway event, I can even ask a few people in my list to hook their friends and have them enter, too, if they aren’t subscribed to my mailing list yet. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone: I can sell my products AND have new people enter my email list!

How UpViral and the Giveaway Work

UpViral gives you full control over how your giveaway would work, but to give you an overview, here is what I did with my own giveaway campaign:

  • When a customer logs in to my website with their account, they would automatically get 10 points.
  • When a customer types in their email address and is sent to the Thank You page, they will get 10 points.
  • When a customer shares the event, they would get 10 points for every social media platform they share it to (for example, when they share the event in their Facebook and Twitter accounts, they would get 20 points in total).
  • For every friend that signs up using a customer’s unique referral code, said customer would get 30 points, and every friend would get 10 points.

You can setup your preferred pointing system once you log in to UpViral yourself, but this is basically the gist of it.

The following is the chain of emails that I have sent over the course of 7 days via Klaviyo:

The first one (that on the very bottom; we’re going to discuss the emails from the bottom up) was meant to introduce the event to the people who are then-currently on my email list. As you may have already known, I haven’t spent a single penny on Facebook Ads for this particular website, yet I was still able to generate $86.68 worth of sales — I had one converting customer just from doing emails alone!

The next three emails (Giveaway Engagement Attempts 2, 3 and 4) were meant to encourage those who are already in the email list to sign up for the event, if they haven’t yet. These emails were sent a few days apart so as to avoid the probability of being reported as spam. And through these emails, I was able to generate more than $200 in sales. So if my grand prize was worth $100, I already have an extra $200 to spend elsewhere!

What about those who have already entered the giveaway? Won’t they be annoyed to see that you are still inviting them to join? Yes of course, and that is why there is a need for you to create a separate segment and email flow for them — this time, it should be about you encouraging them to invite more friends or even offer them special discount codes while they wait for the big announcement, in case they would want to make a purchase beforehand.

The 5th email was meant to announce the winner. So, I had one grand winner who had the privilege to take home the grand prize (actually, I had the winner input her personal information on our website and type in a code that will give her 100% discount and free shipping; by doing so, you avoid the risk of putting in the wrong information, because everything lies in the winner’s hands).

The last email was sent to everyone who participated. Initially, I planned on just having 3 to 5 runners-up who will receive special discount codes that they can use on their next purchases. But then I thought that a measly 15% loss is quite okay, if it would bring more and more paying customers to my website. Besides, the if the people on my email list didn’t win, they might feel disappointed and wouldn’t want to enter in the next event. Furthermore, they won’t know that ALL of them have won and are deemed as runners-up, and even if they find out that their friend (who also entered the giveaway) is also a runner-up, you could easily say that there are 5 or 10 of them, so there’s absolutely no risk in that!


Before I started the giveaway event, I had but around 1,500+ people in my mailing list. I sent the emails via Klaviyo, and in a span of 7 days, UpViral statistics showed this kind of growth:

A total of 506 people have actually clicked through the links and visited my website (384 of which are then-currently on my email list, and the rest are new ones); I had 222 leads; and best of all, through advertising and selling via emails, I had a whopping 57.80% compound conversion rate! All of these I achieved without even investing anything on Facebook Ads.

For some reason, Klaviyo stopped tracking conversions at one point during the giveaway duration, which is why you saw the $0.00 value, but if you could take a look here, you can see that throughout the event, we reached peak sales at $2,000+ when the winner and the runners-up were announced. Remember that I didn’t invest anything on Facebook Ads at the time.

Do note that throughout the giveaway, there will be a few bottom feeders here and there who will just enter the giveaway and opt out of your mailing list once they find out that they haven’t won the grand prize, and that’s okay! At one point, they might even become secondhand advertisers who will spread word of your website and the products that you are selling. There will also be a few people who will, without a doubt, unsubscribe from your mailing list. This might be because all of a sudden, you have become quite active in sending emails and they are seeing you in their Inbox quite often. Properly moderate your emails and how often you send them so as to lower the chances of this happening.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

If you wish to make up for significant losses caused by shipping and other aspects, the best way to do so is to entice your customers into making a purchase without having to spend too much (or none at all, if you can) on Facebook Ads AND at the same time have more and more people who could potentially be customers in the near future join your list!

And what better way to do these than to run giveaway contests via UpViral and Klaviyo? Sign up now and enjoy the huge benefits these platforms can offer to your business!

If you have any more questions about UpViral and how it can help you drive people into becoming more and more interested in your brand and your products, Klaviyo and how you can set up your own set of emails for the best email marketing strategies, creating the most profitable dropshipping stores, dropshipping in Australia or anything regarding this video, feel free to personally contact me via the Contact Form HERE. You can also leave your comments and feedback below, and our team over at WagePirate will definitely get back to you with a response. For more reviews, news and updates, do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel

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