Videos or Images for Facebook ads? What should you use for Dropshipping and Ecommerce?

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There exists a misconception around the field of marketing and advertisement: video ads work better than photo ads. A lot of advertisers fall into believing this -- and it's quite obvious, because I see a lot of video ads circulating around Facebook, meticulously describing a product and just generally praising it to gain engagement and conversion. Little do they know, they can utilize photo ads for the same purpose and still have the same results. How?

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Well, this is exactly what I want to discuss in this post. I want to show you guys why it would be more beneficial for you to use photo ads for some of your products.

Video Or Photo Ads?

With video ads, you can discuss all of your product's features and functionalities in full detail. You can also put in how-tos or tutorials for the more complicated ones, as well as payment options and guidelines for a more tailored assistance. And to top it all of, you can include testimonials from verified customers to prove your legitimacy as a seller.

Now, who's to say that you can't do all these with photo ads?

Of course, with photo ads, you can't just jam-pack a single photo with all sorts of information; you have to carefully pick out which ones you want to include and want your audience to know at a glance. I've seen a fair number of photo ads, and quite frankly, they are real head-turners -- they are sure to make people temporarily stop swiping to know more about that certain product.

There is one thing, however, that video ads can do that photo ads can't, and it's the ability to create custom audiences out of their engagement and viewing behaviors. For example, you can create an audience out of people who watch video ads for 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds or even half of the ad before they move on to another post. And then from that, you can create look-alike audiences and run that.

It's really good to start with video ads, especially with cold traffic, because you gather the data from these custom audiences to launch look-alikes. In theory, video ads are a better choice because they are based from real data that you have gathered from the people who actually view or engage with you.

The Verdict

So, should you use photo ads more? Or would you rather trust video ads? Let's settle this once and for all.

Personally, I wouldn't straight up recommend that you go ahead and use only video ads for all your products for the following reasons:

  • It must be available. Creating a video ad for a dropshipping store would mean that you have to acquire a ready-made video of your product, since you wouldn't actually order one from your supplier and personally handle it.
  • It takes time. Once you get that ready-made video, you still need to tweak it and make it your own, possibly adding watermarks and a few remarks. And if you want to customer testimonials, you need to create a whole new video out of what you currently have.
  • It's expensive. You should know that a professionally edited video comes at a cost. If you want to get the most out of it, you need to invest in it and potentially hire a video editor to handle the task for you.
  • It's huge. In terms of file size, at least. Videos eat up more data to load as compared to photos, which is why some of your customers might prefer the latter, especially if they are only after quick and straightforward information.
  • It's demanding. You might have to render a video in the best quality possible if you want to put your product in the brightest spotlight. Besides, let's face it: it is kind of painful to watch a pixelated video.
  • It's boring. If your video is a little too long, potential customers might shy away from watching it until the end. All the necessary information you have put into your video will be put to waste if your customers fail to see them, and that would mean you won't get much out of your initial investments.

On the other hand, with photo ads, you never have to deal with any of these issues. In a nutshell, you can explain how a product works and why people should want to buy it can be summarized in a single photo.

If you would take a look at this photo ad by Leafy Souls, you can instantly see what the page is trying to sell. It's a handbag and it comes in multiple color variations to suit everyone's tastes. Plus, the page is having a promotion in celebration of a certain holiday. Everything you need to know it's there. You don't need to go over a full-length video to know how or where to use it.

And if you would take a look at the post's engagement statistics, you'll know that the product IS in fact making them money: 3.6k reacts, 636 comments and most importantly, 613 shares. They are getting free marketing out of the people who are engaging with said post -- this means that they are actually getting more than what they have initially expected!

This here is another example of a photo ad by Electro Threads. They don't need to film a model wearing this hooded blanket because the product is as simple as it can be. "Wrap it around you for maximum coziness," that's it. And this post is even performing better than our first example. This just goes to show that you don't need a full-blast video to make money in Facebook Ads.

The verdict: if you wish to win more audiences and therefore acquire more converting customers, you must be able to utilize both photo and video ads -- know which one you should use for a specific product to maximize profit and minimize your spendings.

How to Create Photo Ads

As earlier mentioned, photo ads are much easier and quicker to create than their video counterparts. And to prove that, we are going to recreate Electro Threads' ad in less than a few minutes.

The first thing to do is to go to their product page and download the best product images available. Next, go to PhotoJet by clicking this link, and find the layout similar to the one that was used in the original ad. Then, fill in the boxes by uploading the images. Save, export and we're all done! Here's a comparison:

Let's Wrap It Up!

Photo or video ads? Which one should you launch? Undeniably, there are endless possibilities when you choose to go with the latter, but for the most part, simplicity really is beauty. With Facebook's endless threads of posts coming from various sources, you are actually competing for potential customers' attentions, and if your ad cannot make a stellar first impression, you'll find it really hard to make a sale.

Photo ads are simple and straightforward: your can trust that your messages will be conveyed the moment a customer sees them. Don't make advertising hard for yourself, and instead, think practically and try to comprehend the fast-paced world of Facebook.

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