What is ClickFunnels used for?

What is ClickFunnels used for? And why am I recommending you try it out? Because of my first-hand experiences of late.

For now, I have only started to test products and Niches using ClickFunnels for my ecommerce business.

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BUT, I realize that a lot of my videos make it out as if ClickFunnels is only for physical Ecommerce businesses.

ClickFunnels is just the sales process put into Technology. Every day sales processes that are tried and tested.

I'll refrain from the Maccas "would you like fries with that" upsell example, so here's one that I had today.

I registered for an event to see a speaker here in Sydney this coming Wednesday. I bought the General Admission Ticket.

Then, after I had purchased, they said for an extra X amount of $ I could upgrade to a VIP ticket, which included better seating and (I think) meeting the speak afterward.

This is an upsell, and this is exactly why ClickFunnels works.

Now, the offer was not right for me in this case - I didn't really mind getting the photo for the extra money, but I'm sure many who have followed the speaker for longer will have accepted the upgrade offer.

That's the power of ClickFunnels. You upsell and downsell after someone has already purchased and is in the buying mood.

In this video, I show you how ClickFunnels works really in-depth. I hope you like it!

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