Autonami is your CRM and Email Automation software - all-in-one, inside WordPress.

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What is Autonami?

Autonami is your CRM, Email Marketing software and Zapier – all-in-one and all running within your WordPress install.

I randomly stumbled upon Autonami (not even looking for a plugin that did what it does) and the more I used it, the more I realised just how powerful this plugin is.

After integrating Autonami, I have been able to completely cancel my ActiveCampaign subscription, automate more tasks in my business and offer my customers better customer service.

Autonami replaces your CRM entirely:
If you’re using a SaaS like ActiveCampaign for your CRM, where you send all your customer data into and then send automated emails and broadcasts – you can stop paying that monthly fee. Autonami completely replaces the need for these SaaS and with everything staying inside WordPress – it is so much easier to manage (and cheaper).
Autonami becomes your Email Automation software: You can add people to lists and send specific lists one-off broadcasts, as you might be used to doing in Mail Chimp or something similar. You can also set up automated email flows in Autonami, tag contacts based on what they do on your site and much more. Everything you’d expect is handled in this one plugin.

Autonami Review for 2022

Autonami is one of those plugins where you read their website and you still don't quite get what it does. But then you install it, use it for a month and then wonder how you ran your WordPress website without it before.
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Autonami Tutorials

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