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Stay motivated blogging by tracking the number of words you write and analysing progress through reports.

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What is WP Word Count?

I’ve started blogging several times but I have never been able to blog consistently. Running my WooCommerce store, I realised that daily sales were a great motivator to keep on building the online store, so when I looked to start blogging again, I knew I wanted a WordPress Plug-in that would track my blogging stats.

Having reports that measure the number of words you’ve written each day and the ability to visually see on a graph your hard work paying off as the word count in your site increases – it’s a great feeling.

Installing WP Word Count has been one of the main factors in me blogging more consistently than I ever have before.

We all know that we need to increase the traffic to our blog to increase our income and the biggest factor in achieving more traffic is writing more content.

WP Word Count will help you write more content and keep you accountable – it has for me.

WP Word Count Review for 2022

After using WP Word Count for a while now, I decided to write an extensive review about how this plugin has kept me focused with blogging and helped me stick to my blogging goals.
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WP Word Count Tutorials

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