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Although we have generated over 4 million in sales in just 3 years, we started ecommerce as beginners...

YEP! If you’ve been following the videos that Grant has been releasing under his personal YouTube channel, you will see him going through his dashboards and showing reports of millions of dollars in sales. The fact is, we NEED to do this to show YOU that we know what we’re talking so you trust us and allow us to help you...but we haven’t forgotten when we first started.


You are on this website because you’re ready to make a big change

We are here to inspire you to start and motivate you to keep going as you work to build a profitable store for your future.

Since starting our online stores, we’ve been able to do some pretty cool things that we’re quite proud of, like..


BUT... before we get into where we are TODAY, we want to share with you WHY we started our first Ecommerce store and then WHY we’ve started WagePirate to help YOU...


Grant’s personal story of how he got into Ecommerce and WHY.

Raise your hands if you feel...

Defeated, demotivated, confused, underpaid

BUT...You’re ready to make a BIG change. That perfectly describes how I was feeling in January 2017...

I started Ecommerce and dropshipping in 2017 and managed to do over $300,000 in my third month and earn my previous years salary in those 3 months, as you can see below.


At that time in January 2017, it was all about the money. I didn’t really care about what was going on but I just knew I wanted to make money and that was that. I was making money.

Since then, my perception on a lot of things has changed and while I think I needed to go through that money-hungry phase, I’ve recently realized the best thing about jumping into Ecommerce and it’s been playing on my mind.

Here, I want to go through how I became successful with Ecommerce / dropshipping and finally managed to escape a job that was making me miserable and transition into a new career which gives me life and energy every morning.

First, as we all know - all good stories start with the problem.

For me, the problem was trying to run a Web Agency.

I worked as a web designer and developer for nearly 10 years and I was burnt out building other people’s businesses. I was working long hours to design and build websites for businesses that were growing while I felt like I was getting nowhere with mine.

Now? I have my Ecommerce stores, and I wake up jumping out of bed ready to work on my stores, my brands, my little babies.

The WORK I put in every day, the TIME I spend every day, the EFFORT I put in every day - all directly affect ME and my own businesses and it’s the best thing about this business for me. Knowing I am building my own little babies.

And this transition actually happened quite fast, as you’ll see in a bit.

Now, maybe you feel like you have a lot of enthusiasm to start something of your own, maybe you’re over building your bosses dreams, maybe you feel undervalued at work - these are all the feelings I had when I was working as a web designer day in and day out and I felt like I was getting so run down and getting nowhere.

Maybe you can relate to this, maybe you’re happy with where you’re at - I’m not too sure.

But I felt STUCK!

I had worked as a web designer / developer for nearly 10 years and I was fast learning I didn’t want to be doing that for the rest of my life.

So yeah, that’s the biggest thing I want to keep coming back to in this story about my personal journey, because it really means a lot to me and I hope it does to you - that feeling of feeling STUCK!.

I was getting run down in the web agency field doing websites to help other people build their dream businesses, and I felt like I was getting nowhere.

This lead me in to creating, The PirateClub and the 100K Case Study.

Now, this whole project excites me because there’s so much value covered in The PirateClub and the 150 videos in the 100K Case Study and I’m really excited to finally have people going through it after months of hard work. And it is helping me work towards my goal of helping other people (like you) stop building other people’s businesses and finally start building your own.

I put a lot of time and energy into making sure the Case Study was the absolute best method to show everyone how to scale a new product to 100K. And time and energy is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.


The fun and games are over?

I’m 28 years old (nearing 29) and to some that might seem young, to others it might seem old, and maybe there’s a few who are the same age - but I am approaching 30.


I had nothing really sorted in my life, but 30 was was wayyyy off - no stress.

But I had always thought thirty was when I would look to have kids, have my relationships all sorted out, have my career figured out, be earning good money, be saving for a house, have done my traveling around the world. Thirty was when it would all happen.

At 25 I moved to Canada with my girlfriend at the time to live in Vancouver

It was a lot of fun - we snowboarded, fell in love with the change in seasons you don’t get here in Australia, and in our last year we got to do the trip of a lifetime in an old school bus we bought and drove around the west coast of Canada and then into the national parks in the USA.

This is one of my favourite photos I took on the trip at Yosemite with me sitting on the bus watching the sunset.


It was a beaten-down Bus but it gave us the memories of a lifetime.

During that trip, I worked from my laptop occasionally when we would stop and I mainly paid suppliers and spoke to my team. I had a media buyer running ads, customer service doing support tickets and sending orders to suppliers, and I really just had to pay invoices. I got away for the best part of 7ish weeks not really working, while traveling and making more money most days than I was spending.

It was a good time in our lives over there, and I was running my Ecommerce stores and it was all going well.

If I look at this photo of me on my bus and compare it to how I felt when I frst moved to Vancouver, where I felt STUCK and had no idea WTF I was doing in life, in this new country, doing a job I didn’t like - it’s crazy to think how much has changed.


I moved to canada at 25 & freaked out!

I was working as a Web designer / developer trying to keep my web agency afloat, and I was working long hours at the computer not really going out and meeting anyone - which defeated the purpose of moving over there.

I was also 25 and I felt 25. I was getting scared of how unstable everything seemed in my life.

I didn’t know anyone in this new city, I had moved there to see a new place and meet new people, but I was stuck doing a job I had gone to university for 5 years to do and didn’t enjoy, and I needed to make money to be able to go out and do things. So, I kept working a job I didn’t enjoy to have money in the hopes of one day soon actually getting out there and seeing Canada.

Twenty-five was when I really started to think “I need to actually start working on something that will be long-term” and I hate what I am doing. I am stuck, but something needs to change. I’m in a new city and things should be exciting and I should be happy, but I felt miserable.

I literally did NOT want to design another website for anyone, I didn’t want to code another website for anyone, and I didn’t want to have to go chasing clients.

Part of the reason for this was because I had burnt out, so my creative juices weren’t there.

Another large part of the problem with the amount of time I had to spend in front of the computer.

Computer time and work / life balance has been something I have always struggled with. I find it hard to leave the computer when projects are half finished, so I just continue working and don’t leave the computer for days, weeks, sometimes months.

In the web agency role, I also felt there were problems after problems that I was continually putting out, which meant MORE time in the computer fixing things.

So there I was, in a new country I’d just moved to, with a job I hated doing, fighting with my inner-self about how much time I was spending at the computer and not out looking at the gorgeous Vancouver I had moved to.

I knew something had to change, so I started to change it, ever so slowly, but dramatically fast, as you’ll see.

I actually kept doing the web agency stuff for about 6 months and I was miserable. Again. I had no work-life balance.

Now, I am not saying running a web agency is not a great career choice. It just doesn’t suit my personality. And I can only say that now, as I’ve moved on from it and can reflect and compare it to where I am now with fulfillment-levels and personal happiness running my Ecommerce stores.

But it was in January 2017 I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

And from here, I think a great way to share this transformation and how fast it happened for me is by looking at what mattered most then.

I was in a new country so I wanted the freedom to travel a bit and spend less time at the computer

I wanted to build my own business. There was no way I could work for someone - I’d tried corporate and didn’t like it

I needed to get out of debt...


I typed in that cliché “how to make money online” phraze...

And I got results for a WHOLE RANGE of make-money-online business models. I chose the Ecommerce business model Dropshipping as it made the most sense to me. Phew - it WORKED!

I actually was going through something before writing this page today and it SHOCKED me, so I thought I would share it here.

I wanted to get all my dates and facts right, so I went to see my bank accounts during my first few months of dropshipping. I was actually shocked myself when I was going through what happened and it brought back memories today of those first few months because they were so vivid and I was so ready for a change and it had finally come.

I remember I was by the fireplace when I started to really see Ecommerce start to change my life.

I was in Vancouver and it was actually snowing outside, and I was at home by myself and I had got my first few sales. I was looking at what the heck scaling was and how the heck I should go about doing it.

Really, actually writing this text right now I remember being there at that moment being like wtf is this a dream. It was a crazy feeling seeing my first sales come in.

In the first week of me getting my first sale I was duplicating campaigns to budgets over $100 and made $8,000 gross that first month.

My second month ever dropshipping, I grossed over $181,500.

My third month ever dropshipping, I grossed $393,100.

Now, these are AUD amounts but they’re still crazy numbers to me.

But you know what?

When it actually started happening, I didn’t feel like I had been “lucky”.

I had a WEIRD FEELING that I can only begin to describe in words.


I went from a $62,500 salary to seeing $50,000 transers to my bank!

This is a screenshot of my stripe account in march, three months after I started dropshipping with my first store ever!


Bloody hell did that feel good! But, you know what? I didn’t feel lucky...

I was so ready for this change in my life and I had worked so damn hard at everything that when it all happened, that when it happened I left like I deserved it. Hard to explain...But it also happened really fast.

When you start scaling up an Ecommerce store, money moves very fast. You are taking payments and that goes to stripe and PayPal, then you’re getting that to your bank and paying your suppliers - all while ads are running. It’s hard to keep track of how much money you actually have as you have your customers’ money and need to pay suppliers (which is why dropshipping is so good lol and low-barrier to entry). Worst of all, I didn’t know how to keep a daily profit / loss sheet (which is something I teach in the 100K Case Study how to do), so it was all pretty crazy from the get go.

But I remember one day I sort of realised I had paid a lot of my suppliers and I had money in the bank, and the best thing was...the remainder was mine!

I could finally pay my Credit Card debt off!

For as long as I could remember, probably since i was 18 (so the good part of 8 years) I had been in about 5 grand debt.

I could NEVER get out of this. If I got it to $2000, it would be six months into the years and I would want to go on a holiday.

When it was at $5000, I would knuckle down and pay it back to $2000. Then the holiday came.

It was actually a never-ending cycle.

To make matters worse, my girlfriend and I at the time did Coachella in Palm Springs California and a trip to LA on our way to move to Canada, so I was in debt again!

How much debt?....SEE BELOW...


Here is my bank account as I got out of debt and paid off my credit card


Yep, $4,882.19 AKA $5000 debt on the credit card. It’s as if I wrote this fairytale pre-planned but this is literally my life. So, January 2017 before dropshipping I was in my 5K debt happy place. Then I start dropshipping at the end of January and this screenshot below is of my Credit Card a month later in the end of February...


wait.... -$7,647.26 ? Yep! I actually OVER-PAID my credit card because my credit card limit was like $6000 from memory and I was spending $5000-7000 on Facebook Ads a day and needed the extra money in there.


Then a month later at the end of March....I had OVER-PAID my credit card $21,831.83 EXTRA. And... I had paid off my debt. The financial year ended a bit later here in Australia in at the end of June and I paid A LOT off my university debt with some of the profit I had made with this ONE PRODUCT.

YEP! I paid off my debt...with ONE PRODUCT!


I want to be honest with you here...

It actually feels weird having shared the above as I haven’t really shared publicly how it unfolded (and to be honest, I hadn’t really realised myself - I was just glad the $5K debt train had passed).

Now... if someone was to ask me - “Will I make this much if I start dropshipping?”

I would say probably not

CAN people make this much when they first start dropshipping? Yes, like I did. But it isn’t normal.

However...Would just a couple extra thousand dollars a month be life-changing for you

That’s all I was really aiming for when I first started Dropshipping. I just wanted $2000 a month AKA $500 a week.

If you actually work that out...

You sell a product for $50, you get it from the supplier for $15, so you make $35 profit per sale. Say you pay facebook $25 to get the sale, so you make $10 profit per sale. $500 weekly goal divided by $10 profit per sale = 50 sales = 7 sales per day.

In the 100K Case Study you see me make 192 sales in ONE day AND generate $11,376.49 in sales, making over $1000 net profit! Check the screenshots here to see!

That’s $1,447.60 as per the sheet into my back pocket at the end of the day. And it continues as you see into the next days.

And again, while I can’t guarantee you can get these results, or even get results, this is what’s happened to me personally, and above is what you see me doing to achieve in the 100K Case Study.

During those first three months of scaling my first product, I actually handed-over my Web Agency clients to another business and went full-steam ahead with Ecommerce and I’ve been doing that for nearly 3 years now at the time of writing this in October 2019.

And while I’ve started multiple stores and had success, the biggest achievement for myself through all of this is the fact that I was able to shift into a new career path that excites me and away from one that no longer fulfilled me.

And this was big for me.


I never thought I would be able to do something that wasn’t what I had studied for at university.

I thought I was stuck having to do websites for the rest of my life as it was what I had studied at university, but I managed to shift. I managed to move into something that I love and I didn’t think I could do that and that’s what makes me most happy.

There are many terrible things in this world, and I think having to wake up every day and do a job you don’t like to help build someone else’s business has to be right up there.

Now, I get to wake up and work on my own business.

Every bit of energy, every bit of my time, and any computer hours I spend are spent on building MY OWN BABY - my own business.

And that’s my biggest thing in this life that is driving me right now and I realized this while designing the WagePirate website.

That’s what I want to focus on helping others do and it’s my biggest driver in doing all this - I want to help you build your own business with Ecommerce so you can wake up and know that whatever you do that day - your time, effort, money - it all goes to directly making your life better and building something for yourself. Your little baby.

That’s the best thing that happened to me - finally building my own business I jump out of bed to work on - and I did it by doing Ecommerce.

Hope you enjoyed me story, it’s the truth and it’s not something I have shared publically until now.



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