Autonami: Why You Need Link Triggers To Execute More Than Once (Very Important)

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PHP Code: At the bottom of this post I have included a link to another post I have written where you can get the PHP Code you need to allow Link Trigger actions to run every time a user clicks on them.

But I highly recommend you read this article first to understand how Link Triggers work and why you probably need to activate this feature.

Why you may need Link Triggers to execute more than once per Contact

Double opt-ins with Autonami won’t work with Link Triggers out of the box by default.

Why? The problem is that, by default, Link Triggers in Autonami currently only run once per user.

For example, if you go to Link Triggers…

and then create a new Link Trigger, you’ll see this notice:

Above actions will run once per contact

I’ll explain why this is a problem, by showing you my real-life example with my opt-in form.

Below is the opt-in Form I wanted people to complete.

Once you complete this form (built with ConvertBox), you enter my Automation below.

I cover this specific Automation in this post here where I show you how to set up a double opt-in in Autonami.

But for right now I want to focus on the Link Trigger issue we’re talking about where it only triggers once per user.

So, in the above Automation, let’s put you in the hot seat.

You complete the opt-in form above, ConvertBox sends this data to Autonami, the Webhook Received trigger fires and this Automation starts.

Let’s say you’re new to my website and your contact details are NOT in Autonami (i.e. you DO NOT exist as a Contact in Autonami).

This means the IF statement is FALSE for you, so you follow this line of the Automation below.

So after you enter this Automation, a Contact will be created for you in my Autonami and then I’ll send you an email.

The email looks like this:

And as you can see below, this link in the email is a Link Trigger I’ve set up in Autonami.

And it has these settings below where, on click, it will Subscribe you to my Autonami.

So you get my email, and click this link and BOOM – you’re subscribed to my Mailing List.

It worked! Perfect!

Now, let’s say you’re on my mailing list for a few months and you need a break from my emails, so you Unsubscribe from my mailing list in Autonami.

A few months go by and you realise you’re missing me and my WordPress tips, so you come back to my website and fill in my opt-in form again to subscribe to my mailing list.

You enter the same Automation (or another Automation with the same Link Trigger) and I send you the same email with the same link trigger.

You click the link to subscribe to my Mailing List….

and then THIS notice below in red becomes very important.

As you have already clicked this Link Trigger to subscribe to my mailing list before, when you click it the second time, the actions on the link trigger DO NOT execute again.

You can understand that if this was your business and this was happening to your customers, it wouldn’t be a good experience for them.

You lose a valuable email subscriber
Your customer left once and now they’re back, which probably means they trust you more than the first time (and probably trust you more than most of your subscribers) so missing out on having them on your email list is a big loss.
Your customer loses out on getting the information they subscribed for
This means they’re not getting the information from you that could help them
It harms your reputation
They might think you’re ignoring them, or that you don’t know how to properly set up your systems in your business (so maybe that start to lose confidence in you as an authority on what they’re wanting to learn).

Ideally, every time someone completes your opt-in form wanting to receive your emails, they should enter your Automation and be able to click that same link trigger and be subscribed again (as that’s what your customer wants – that’s why they filled out the opt-in form!).

I’m not sure why Autonami only executes actions once per Link Trigger and I am sure there is a reason they don’t, but so far in my use with Autonami, I haven’t had the need to only allow it to run once.

How to run Link Trigger actions every time a user clicks on it

I wrote an article that includes the PHP code you need to be able to trigger Link Click actions every time the user clicks the Link Trigger in the email you send them.

Click here to see how to execute Link Triggers more than once.

Let me know in the comments below if you are enabling this feature. I’d love to know if I am the only one that sees value in doing this.