Autonami: Execute Link Triggers More Than Once (Code Snippet)

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To execute a Link Trigger multiple times in Autonami, you need to add a bit of custom PHP code.

Here is the snippet of code you need to add into your WordPress install (i.e. most likely into /wp-content/themes/yourtheme/functions.php).

Add to functions.php:

// run Autonami Link Trigger multiple times
add_filter('bwfan_link_trigger_multi_execution', function(){
	return true;
} );

Read on to see how you might use this feature in your business.

TIP! Use the above code to ensure your users can Subscribe to Autonami again with a double opt-in setup

What is a Double Opt-in?

A double opt-in is where a user completes a form on your website to subscribe to your mailing list. You then send them an email with a link inside. The user MUST click this click inside the email before they are subscribed to your mailing list. This helps prevent SPAM emails from joining your mailing list & hurting your email open rates.

For example, here is my Automation in Autonami.

Autonami: Execute Link Triggers more than once (code snippet)

I have a Link Trigger in the emails set in (3) and (4) above (the same Link Trigger is in both emails).

The Link Trigger has the following rule: “on click” it updates the user’s field “Status” to “Subscribed”:

Autonami: Execute Link Triggers more than once (code snippet)

So the aim of this Link Trigger is to subscribe people to Autonami again whenever they click this link.

The problem is, people can click this link trigger, get subscribed, then unsubscribe.

Later on, they might come back into this Automation and want to subscribe again, so we send them the same email, they click the Link Trigger they’ve previously clicked before to subscribe and… NOTHING HAPPENS!

As they’ve already clicked this link trigger before.

That’s actually why I added the above PHP code to my WordPress website and why I specifically needed to execute Link Triggers every time someone clicked them.

Learn how to set up a double opt-in with Autonami

I wrote an entire how-to guide that explains how you can set up a double opt-in with Autonami.

Double opt-in’s help to ensure only real people (not spam or fake emails) are subscribing to your Mailing List. A list full of real email addresses means better open rates for your emails = a healthier business for you.

If learning more about how to set up a double opt-in with Autonami interests you…

Click here to read my guide on how to set up a double opt-in with Autonami.