UPDATE: There is NO LIFETIME DEAL to FunnelKit anymoreI originally bought their Lifetime Deal and wrote this article, but they have since retired it. I would recommend checkout out their annual plans as the value is still a steal at the current pricing.

When you buy this Lifetime Deal, you also get the amazing FunnelKit Automations plugin bundled in with it.

FunnelKit and FunnelKit Automations are both heavily relied on in my WooCommerce store that generates millions of dollars in sales each year.

I am a massive proponent of the team behind these two plugins (their support is amazing, also) and I couldn’t imagine not using these plugins to build a WordPress business these days.

Firstly, here is the link to the Lifetime Deal for FunnelKit and FunnelKit Automations.

Once you land on the link above, go to the Pricing Page.

At the current time of writing this article, there are no lifetime deals for the solopreneur.

Thus, click on Agency (1) and then Lifetime (2), as shown below.

The above screenshot shows the current pricing at the time of writing this article for Black Friday, 2021.

The FunnelKit team don’t offer massive discounts of 50% etc like other plugins do, as you can see above.

From what I have seen, they only discount their products once per year and they take about 20% off.

I was thinking of not writing this article until the Black Friday sale was over because the above pricing will obviously revert back to what it normally is and won’t match my screenshot above, but I thought – hey, I may as well show you what the sale prices are.

As you can see above, if you’re reading this post and Black Friday isn’t close, there isn’t really any point holding off on getting FunnelKit / FunnelKit Automations, because you’re not going to be saving all that much (if you’re wanting the lifetime deal).

NOTE: I am not 100% sure they don’t run any other sales during the year, I just can’t remember ever seeing another one. If you’re curious, I’d recommend emailing them first.

How much will you save using FunnelKit and FunnelKit Automations?

I was paying $299 per month for ClickFunnels and $70 per month for ActiveCampaign.

That’s $4,428 over 12 months, just for a Sales Funnel builder and a CRM.

Hence, I was very happy that I purchased the Lifetime deal I mention on this page (but it might not be right for you). Read on to see if you’d be wasting or saving your money by grabbing this deal.

Should you get the FunnelKit Automations addon-on

I would strongly suggest you get the Funnel Builder + FunnelKit Automations package deal.

In the below image, you’ll see that for the Lifetime Deal, you’re given the option of getting the Funnel Builder as a standalone, or you can package it with FunnelKit Automations.

FunnelKit Automations has fast become my favourite WordPress plugin.

FunnelKit Automations is your CRM and Automation software all-in-one.

Here is a screenshot of the FunnelKit Automations Dashboard inside my website WagePirate.com.

In (1) above you can see that you can manage your Contacts, Campaigns and more. In the image above, I am on the screen under Campaigns > Automations.

To me, this is the most powerful feature of FunnelKit Automations – Automations.

If you’re familiar with Zapier, Automations are similar, but it all happens inside your WordPress install and the integrations are so easy to set up.

In FunnelKit Automations, an Automation is a series of actions that you can run based on a trigger that starts the Automation.

In (2) above are the triggers and (3) is the actions.

So for the [FF] General opt-in wide Automation, I have the following set up:

When a specific form I have built with FluentForms is submitted by a user, create their Contact in the FunnelKit Automations CRM and add a Tag to their profile.

This is a good example of built-in Integrations. FunnelKit Automations has been coded to integrate with a lot of your favourite plugins that you’re probably using.

Here, I am using FluentForms as my form plugin (I recently switched from Gravity Form).

When I click to create a new Automation in FunnelKit Automations, as per below.

FunnelKit Automations & ConvertBox | The Complete Integration Guide

When I am selecting my event that will trigger this Automation to start…

FunnelKit Automations & ConvertBox | The Complete Integration Guide

It shows that I can trigger this Automation to start when a FluentForm is submitted. See below.

So, coming back to this image here:

I can easily set it up so that when a user submits this FluentForm, I create the Contact in FunnelKit Automations and tag them with the tag I need.

So that’s an example of Automations and how they work: When a certain thing happens, do a set of actions – all in your WordPress install, no extra software or SaaS subscriptions.

In fact, using FunnelKit Automations has meant I have been able to completely cancel my subscription to ActiveCampaign and that saves me $70 USD per month.

  1. FunnelKit Automations is your Automation Software
    As you can see above, it is extremely powerful. Again, my favourite WordPress plugin right now.
  2. FunnelKit is your Sales Funnel building software that makes you money money
    Increase your profit but adding upsells and down-sells to things you sell inside WordPress. Build websites that load faster and look a lot more professional (and take you less time and effort to set up).
FunnelKit Automations

Build your entire CRM & all your Email Automations directly inside WordPress!

Get FunnelKit Automations

Should you buy the Lifetime Deal or Yearly?

As mentioned, I bought the lifetime deal for my business and it has worked out to be the best WordPress deal I’ve ever bought (seriously).

In the next section, I will get into why I bought the Lifetime deal and why it was perfect for me, and I will show you how I am using FunnelKit and FunnelKit Automations in my business. I think showing you why I bought it might help you decide whether it’s right for you by sparking some ideas of how you might use it.

But first, here is a quick summary of who I think should buy the lifetime deal for FunnelKit.

  1. You have a working Sales Funnel on a SaaS like ClickFunnels, you know you’d be on ClickFunnels definitely for at least another year and you’re wanting to move to WordPress
    This was my position. I had been paying $299 per month to have my Sales Funnels on ClickFunnels and had been for a long time, so I knew that it was worth the larger upfront investment.
  2. Web / Marketing Agencies who are looking at adding an extra service they offer
    If I were running a web agency, I would definitely see the potential of integrating FunnelKit and FunnelKit Automations for customers and charging a monthly service to manage it for clients.

Besides those two scenarios, I can’t see the reason to go all-out for the Lifetime Deal of FunnelKit. I would recommend going with the yearly and grabbing the lifetime next Black Friday if you’re still using it.

Why I bought the lifetime deal

The reason I got the Lifetime deal of FunnelKit and FunnelKit Automations was not only because I was going to save a lot of money very quickly, but most importantly because I was going to be able to build better funnels that made me more profit and were easier to manage.

FunnelKit & FunnelKit Automations are saving me a lot of money

As stated above, I was paying ClickFunnels $299 per month to use the service, which totalled $3,588 per year!

As I had been using it for a few years, I even went ahead and paid a full year in advance, as you can see below.

The funnels I have made with FunnelKit are making me more profit

Even with this deal above, I was still paying $166 per month for ClickFunnels and, to be honest, I was struggling to implement a lot of the ideas I had because of the nature of working inside a SaaS.

As you probably know, with Software as a Service (SaaS) like ClickFunnels, you don’t have access to their code like you would have if you were editing WordPress.

With FunnelKit running on WordPress and a big pool of possible developers to hire, the ideas I have for my business and the funnels I want to build have all been possible.

If I need it, it can be built and that is incredible for the business and growth.

On top of this, the designs of funnels have drastically improved since I moved from ClickFunnels to FunnelKit.

On WagePirate.com and my eCommerce website, I was using the Beaver Builder drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress

BUT! I recently swapped over to using Bricks Builder.

And using Bricks Builder I can design funnels FASTER that look WAY BETTER than my ClickFunnels designs.

RELATED: Click here to read my in-depth review of Bricks Builder and/or watch my video where I go through the main features that made me fall in love with it so much this year.

[bricks_template id=”72291″]

Most WordPress page builders these days come with pre-made designs that have been designed by a professional. You click one button and it’s imported into your page and is a good starting point for designing your page.

Sure, ClickFunnels has some pre-made templates, but I’ve shown a few of them to people and literally everyone has said they look scammy (lol) compared to my new designs on WordPress.

My funnels load faster with FunnelKit

We all know how important a fast loading website is. With WordPress, you have complete control over everything with your website so you can fully optimize everything you need.

Here is the page load speed of my current Sales Page for my FunnelKit page.

As you can see it loads super quick. Sometimes I even go to the page just to see how fast my pages load (haha I’m not joking here) because it just feels so nice to have a fast loading page for once.

If I am impressed, surely my customers are pretty happy too!

You too can take control of your sales funnels inside FunnelKit and WordPress and optimize them to get the same fast-loading pages that’ll increase your sales.

The FunnelKit support team are incredibly helpful

I have had many issues with ClickFunnels as I have tried to advance what I was doing with my funnels, as well as point out actual bugs to their support team, and it is always a nightmare. FunnelKit support is incredible in comparison

For example. below I have this weird glitch where my recurring sales come in as 0.1 cents. The second row is actually a free trial that moves into a paid subscription, so the second line shouldn’t really have any sales and the recurring should be higher.

WooFunnels Lifetime Deal: (This link gives you access)

I have had this issue for I think at least a year now. I followed it up recently and got this, but that was 4 months ago.

With FunnelKit, I always get a reply back via email that same day and they are extremely helpful.

For my latest question to FunnelKit, the support agent recorded their screen using Loom and then send me a link to the video so I could watch him setting up the things I had questions about. All my answers were solved in one email, instead of going back and forth for many days.

Verdict: FunnelKit VS ClickFunnels comparison

You can see a lot of what I love about FunnelKit is in comparison to what I didn’t like above using a SaaS like ClickFunnels

I didn’t mean for this article to be like this, but it’s ended up like that (blame my morning 3 coffees).

I am just so happy that a plugin like FunnelKit exists now for WordPress as it makes my life so much easier.

The article today was written based on my experience of thoroughly using both systems, so I think it’ll be a worthwhile read if you are in fact on or considering using ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels for Ecommerce Masterclass
I used ClickFunnels a lot and this is my last 12 months worth of sales on the platform.

So, I’ll end this article here.

If you are considering switching to FunnelKit and getting the lifetime deal, and this article has helped you make your decision, the best way you can support my website and the articles I write to help you, is to purchase using my affiliate link.

Click here to get FunnelKit using my link.

And definitely consider whether you need the lifetime deal upfront or the yearly based on what I’ve discussed above.