Let’s get on a Skype / Zoom call and go over all the things that are stopping you from building better websites faster for your Business!

Important information before booking

Please read all the information on this page before booking a call to ensure I am the right person to help you with what you need.

Plugins / Tools I can help you with

Below are the Software / Plugins and Business tactics I can help you with (based on my experience).

  • Bricks Builder
  • OxyProps (CSS Framework for Bricks Builder)
  • FunnelKit (sales funnels)
  • FunnelKit Automations (email automation / CRM setup)
  • WooCommerce
  • General WordPress tips and tricks

Business & Marketing strategies I can help you set up

I would love to help automate things in your Business, help increase your profit and grow your Email List.

Here are some of the tasks I could show you how to set up on the call.

  1. How to create a Newsletter Optin form using your favourite Form plugin
  2. How to start building an Email List in WordPress
  3. How to set up a Sales Funnel (like ClickFunnels, but in WordPress)
  4. How to set up Email Automations (This is essential for any business. It allows you to sell your Products and Services on auto pilot).
  5. How to add One-Click Upsells and Downsells to WooCommerce
You do not need to own these plugins before our Call

There are two ways I can help you do things on the call:

  1. You might already own the plugins and need help setting them up – I can show you how to do this.
  2. You might NOT own the plugin but want to see how it works a bit more before you purchase. I can show you how it works on the call and you can purchase the plugin if it feel it fits your needs.

Your required experience level

For beginners… and beyond!

If you’re a complete beginner to WordPress / WooCommerce / FunnelKit / Bricks Builder or any other plugin or marketing strategy, I’d love to talk to you.

I really enjoy explaining and teaching how to use a software or implement a strategy and no question is too small.

So yeah – you can be at any level and I think the call will be beneficial to you:

  • You can be a complete beginner to WordPress / WooCommerce
  • You can be experienced with WordPress and WooCommerce and you can book the call with the intention of saving time and seeing how things work with the plugins I use and we can go through how you can integrate them into your Online Business to grow you sales and email list (or automate tasks in your Business to reduce your workload).

What I can’t help you with on the call & after the call

Here are a few things related to expectations (just so we’re on the same page).

  1. I am NOT a highly experienced PHP / JS developer, so I would recommend not booking the call if you’re specifically looking for this stuff.
  2. If something I am trying to explain requires me to code / show you how to code and the code does not work while we are on the call, please understand that I cannot rewrite the code after the call and send it to you once it is working.
    • While I will do my best to always have my code explanations work, sometimes things just don’t work (technology, eh?) and so please consider the code written in the call as a “point in the right direction”.

How to ask a question before booking a call

If you’d like to ask a question about what I can help you with on the call – no worries!

Please use the form on my Contact page to ask any questions you have about how these calls work, what we can cover and what you need to have before the call.

Click here to ask me a question about my Consulting Call service.

Otherwise, if you’re ready to go – so am I!

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