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You can use the link below to access the lifetime deal of Bricks Builder.

Both prices above are ONE-TIME payment prices (i.e. lifetime deal prices).

NOTICE! This article contains important information

There are some very important things that I wish I had known before I purchased Bricks Builder and I list them on this page to help you make the best decision for you and your business.

Bricks Builder Review UPDATED for 2024

If you are still on the fence about the Bricks Builder LTD, I recommend reading my complete in-depth review of Bricks Builder at the below link.

Bricks Builder

The FASTEST Page Builder for WordPress that I have ever used.

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But if you already know you want to jump in and give Bricks Builder a go, I’d recommend reading the rest of this article where I quickly go through some of the things you might want to know before purchasing, including:

  • Is the deal worth it?
  • Is it sustainable for Bricks?
  • Will Bricks Builder be around in the future?
  • How long will it take to convert your website from your current Page Builder over to using Bricks Builder?
  • + I share a few other important things you might want to know (such as the fact that Bricks is a theme, not a plugin – more on this later).

VIDEO: My Bricks Builder Video Review

Also, if you haven’t yet watched my Bricks Builder Review video, here it is below.

Bricks Builder Review WordPress (2 HOUR TUTORIAL!!!) + Step-by-step how to use Bricks

And now…

Let’s firstly look at how I found Bricks Builder.

I actually stumbled upon it because so many other people seemed to be switching to it…

Why people are swapping to Bricks Builder (and why you might, too)

I’ve been using Bricks builder for a few months now, I have been active in the community and I have been through a few release updates with the plugin.

bricks builder - homepage home page - bricks editor editing mode
I recently converted my Astra / Beaver Builder website over to using Bricks Builder and it is a lot faster.

So – I wanted to put together a few things I’ve noticed since swapping to Bricks to give you some reassurance on getting the lifetime deal.

Bricks have a very active Community

One of my favourite WordPress plugins in 2024 is FunnelKit.

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FunnelKit helps you grow your Email List and make more money with your WooCommerce website through its ability to build Optin Pages, Sales Pages, post-purchase One-Click Upsells, Upsells in your checkout form + a lot more.

The team behind the FunnelKit plugin also have a Facebook group that’s quickly become my go-to group for asking questions about WordPress / WooCommerce.

In that group, I started seeing people asking about Bricks Builder with some very positive thoughts…

As part of my weeding-out-bad plugins process and deciding whether or not I want / need a plugin, something that I have adopted recently is putting a massive emphasis on community.

Before I even bought Bricks, I joined their Facebook group and started browsing some of the posts that were inside there.

Firstly – it’s a very active Facebook group and I love that.

FunnelKit and Bricks Builder are the two communities I am in right now that I feel are the MOST ACTIVE with the most loyal customers – and that counts for a lot in my books.

Currently, the Bricks Facebook page has about 4,600 members…

And it gets about 10 posts per day.

NOTE: Once you get the lifetime deal for Bricks Builder, I would recommend posting in the Facebook group with any questions you have and you’ll get help quite fast (based on my personal experience).

[bricks_template id=”72291″]

BEST Beaver Builder & Elementor alternative

I was previously using Beaver Builder myself, but I had given Elementor a go more recently to try it out as part of my research on Page Builders for my YouTube videos.

A big difference between page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder VS Bricks Builder is that Bricks is a WordPress theme with a page builder built in.

Bricks brands itself as an all-in-one type of system, where you activate the Bricks theme and then you’re designing your entire website.

As you may know – Beaver Builder and Elementor are plugins that you install to build the content areas of your website, but you also have a separate theme, too.

I go into A LOT more detail in my Bricks Review here about why I LOVE this approach by Bricks, but I will explain this here briefly to give you an idea of why it’s better to have your theme + page builder all-in-one.

Previously, when I was using Beaver Builder, I had the following plugins powering my website:

  • Astra Theme for WordPress (I have the lifetime deal, but it’s usually $49 for 1 site or $239 for the lifetime)
    My WordPress theme of choice.
  • Beaver Builder plugin ($99 per year)
    The actual page builder plugin for laying out content.
  • Beaver Themer ($149 per year)
    This is an addon plugin by the core Beaver Builder company. It allows you to use Beaver Builder to design your archive pages, page templates, add rows / sections via hooks using a UI and more.
  • Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder (I have the lifetime deal, but it’s usually $59 for 1 site or $239 for the lifetime)
    An ad-on plugin from a third-party vendor. It adds more modules into the Beaver Builder page builder so you can design more complex pages.

So 4 plugins were used to build my website.

Now… let’s talk about…


Those things you put on your website that people can click, like below…

It was very cumbersome to get all the buttons matching across my website with that Astra / Beaver Builder set-up I was using before Bricks.

  1. I had buttons in the Header and Footer, as well as buttons in my embedded forms that were all styled by the Astra Theme.
  2. Then, I had button modules I would drag into the page using Beaver Builder…
  3. And then I also had buttons that were in modules inside the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder modules.

So, working down, Astra would set button styling in CSS and then Beaver Builder and UABB would override each other’s CSS to render the page how I wanted.

Again, it is just clunky.

Now, because Bricks is the Theme + Page Builder all-in-one, I am able to set how I want my buttons to look in 1 place and ALL THE BUTTONS on my website match.

It’s such a small thing but it’s just so super clean and it just.. makes sense.

I was very hesitant when I first started using Bricks to get tied to a Theme with a Page Builder inside it, but this is one example of where it just makes so much sense to have them as the same thing and this is just 1 of many benefits you get when you use something like Bricks with its inbuilt page builder.

BEST Oxygen Builder alternative

From being in the Bricks Facebook group, it seems that Oxygen is one of the page builders people are most leaving to move over to using Bricks.

I have not used Oxygen before, but from watching some YouTube videos, I can definitely see why a lot of people compare Bricks to Oxygen, as the interface and their features seem to be quite similar.

Let’s first talk pricing.

Bricks Builder is…

And Oxygen Builder is…

From this, we can see that:

  1. Bricks are just a little bit more affordable than Oxygen for all equivalent plans
  2. Bricks and Oxygen are both lifetime deals i.e. one-time payments

This actually surprised me quite a bit, because I didn’t realise Oxygen Builder was a one-time payment deal.

So that begs the question – why are so many people who have paid for Oxygen Builder (and never have to pay again) moving to Bricks Builder and paying for this new page builder?

I can only comment from my side that I am observing this happening, but as to the reason why – I’m not too sure.

RELATED: I would also recommend jumping into the Bricks Facebook group to get a feel of the community and to see some questions that other Oxygen refugees are asking.

If you are thinking of leaving Oxygen for Bricks, leave a comment below as to why you are thinking of making the switch.

Bricks Builder

The FASTEST Page Builder for WordPress that I have ever used.

Get Bricks Builder

IMPORTANT! Things you MUST know before you buy the Bricks LTD

Bricks does not work the same as Beaver Builder / Elementor and other page builders you might currently be using, because…

Bricks Builder is a THEME (not a plugin)

When I first bought Bricks Builder, I tried to upload the .zip under themes and I got the below error message…

Plugin installation failed…

After digging a bit deeper, I realised that Bricks is a WordPress THEME that has a Page Builder built-in to it.

So that’s worth noting.

Now, I was a bit like – oh, damn… I don’t want to be locked into the Bricks Theme forever because I then need to build all my content using the included Page Builder…

But then I sat back and considered something:

How often have I changed my WordPress Theme over the last 6 years?

The answer was… never.

As people who are building WordPress websites, we’re generally doing a lot of research before we commit to plugins and themes, especially when it comes to the heart and brain of our website – our theme and page builder.

And, unless those plugins go downhill for whatever reason, we usually stick to the same page builder we initially built our website with.

Now, that’s not to say this is the case for everyone because I just broke this rule myself…

As stated, I recently swapped my website over from using Astra / Beaver Builder to Bricks Builder.

And you know what – it wasn’t even that annoying of a process.

I managed to convert my Beaver Builder website over to Bricks in less than a week, not working on it full time.

The bonus is that I got to learn how to use Bricks and get dirty with the more technical features offered inside it and now I know it pretty well.

NOTE: After converting my website over to Bricks Builder and getting familiar with it, I can build / design my pages FASTER using Bricks Builder than I can in any other page builder. Bricks has a lot of great features like Global CSS Classes, Copy and Paste between your open browser tabs and much more that all help you do things faster in Bricks VS other page builders. You can click here to read my Bricks Builder review where I go in-depth and discuss these features with screenshots.

Is the Bricks Builder lifetime deal worth it?

Currently, Bricks Builder only offers lifetime deals at two prices (1 site and unlimited sites).

If you’re comparing Bricks to Oxygen, then pricing is about the same.

Comparing Beaver Builder to Bricks, it’s A LOT more affordable.

Overall, I’d 100% recommend grabbing the Bricks LTD, especially if you’re in the business of using WordPress to make money and you know you’ll be in the game for a while.

Quite a few people have posted in the Facebook group saying they have bought the lifetime deal “just in case” because the price will increase in the future and they can see the potential in Bricks.

Is the Bricks Builder Lifetime Deal sustainable?

I get a bit nervous when I see companies offering a lifetime deal because I think of AppSumo and how many software launch with a lifetime deal on the platform and then fizzle out to nothing.

Lifetime deals CAN make a whole lot of sense if the pricing is right for the business and the timing is good.

One of the reasons I have stayed with Beaver Builder so long is because they aren’t the cheapest Page Builder, but they are popular.

I feel like when you’re choosing something that’s as important to your website as a Page Builder, you need to really consider whether that company is going to be around in the future.

Otherwise… when they close up shop – you’ll have to convert all your content over to using a new Page Builder.

Beaver Builder’s growth with its pricing model seems like it would have healthier margins than the competition that charge half the price, which means they can put money back into the product and make it better, add features, and recode where needed to optimize it and so on.

So that’s one of the reasons I believe that Beaver Builder has been around for so long – their pricing was sustainable.

This leads me to Bricks Builder and its pricing.

I know the current price of Bricks Builder will be increasing in the future as others have posted in the Facebook Group regarding this.

Obviously, I cannot say that their pricing model is sustainable as I am not running a Page Builder business, but based on reviewing Oxygen Builder’s pricing and noting that they have been around for a long time now…

  • PLUS – taking into account that Bricks is a very small team and I can assume overheads are quite low…
  • PLUS – considering how fast they are growing while along the way maintaining happy customers and next to complaints in the Facebook group…

I have a feeling that Bricks Builder is going to be around for some time and that their pricing is fair for us and sustainable for them as a business.

What is the current Bricks Builder pricing for the LTD?

$79 for one site or $199 for unlimited websites – both are lifetime deals i.e. one-time payments.

I installed Bricks Builder and was SOLD on the idea of leaving Beaver Builder and moving over to Bricks.

Especially since I was paying $99 per year for the Beaver Builder standard license and then another $149 per year for the Beaver Themer plugin.

So all up – $248 was the cost of me running my businesses with Beaver Builder.

And now I’ve bought Bricks and won’t have to pay again in the years to come.

Bricks Builder is THE Best WordPress Page Builder with a Lifetime Deal

If you were googling to find a page builder with a lifetime deal for WordPress then Bricks Builder is the one you want to look at.

After using Beaver Builder religiously for all my websites for over 6 years and trying my hardest to fall in love with Elementor, I have finally made the decision to leave Beaver Builder for Bricks and I would recommend giving it a go yourself…

Even if it’s just to get an idea of how Bricks works with the Theme and Page Builder all-in-one.

Maybe you might agree with me that it makes a lot of sense.

Best of all, it seems that Bricks Builder currently has no time limit on how long you have to request your refund…

So you don’t have anything to lose by giving it a go.

Bricks Builder

The FASTEST Page Builder for WordPress that I have ever used.

Get Bricks Builder
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