Cwicly Review 2024: Why Everyone’s Switching

Cwicly has been discontinued. I would recommend you check out Bricks – probably the fastest growing Page Builder in WordPress right now. It’s very very good, loads fast, clean code and easy-to-use!

Watch my Bricks Builder tutorial videos on YouTube.

I am writing my Cwicly Review today after spending the best part of the last few months trying out all the other WordPress Page Builders and Theme builders on the market that I thought were worth testing.

I had no intention of rebuilding my website from Bricks Builder to Cwicly, but it was hard to ignore how much Cwicly allows you to do in the WordPress Block Editor.

In this Cwicly Review, I will explain some of the other page builders I tried before Cwicly and I will compare Cwicly to them so that, by the end of this review, you will understand why I chose Cwicly for my website over the other alternatives.

Who is Cwicly best for?

If you are not comfortable with CSS, you don’t know what Flexbox is and CSS Grid sounds like an X-box game, then I would not recommend using Cwicly.

You will not be able to leverage what makes Cwicly the greatest WordPress Page Builder currently if you do not have some coding experience.

But if you DO, then Cwicly might just be for you.

After trying out 4 of the most popular WordPress Themes for 2024, the reason I chose to use Cwicly to rebuild my website is because it has advanced features that allow you to quickly produce a WordPress website that loads very fast and whose output HTML code is as close to how you’d code it from scratch.

Pros and Cons

I put together this section so that you can see why I chose Cwicly and why you might want to give it a go / why it might not suit your needs if you build websites that are different to my style.

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