Create a two column WooCommerce Checkout Page in 30 seconds

The default WooCommerce Checkout Page is usually something we customize here because, well, the default design is just too long and unnecessary.

I mean, c'mon, the purchase button is right down the bottom of the page where people have to scroll to make payment.

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By following this post, you'll convert your checkout page to a two column WooCommerce Checkout Page, subsequently reducing the length of the page and moving the purchase button higher up to where people can see and click it and earn you money.

NOTE: This article should work with themes other than the Beaver Builder theme, however, some theme's CSS will override the CSS we add here and will produce different results. We cannot ensure this will work with all themes but it definitely works with the Beaver Builder Theme and should work with some other themes.

The default layout of the WooCommerce Checkout Page

Below is what the default WooCommerce Checkout Page looks like with WooCommerce and the Beaver Builder theme.


Step 1: Add the below CSS to make a two column WooCommerce Checkout Page

Literally, all you need to do is add the below CSS and you'll have a two column WooCommerce checkout page. How easy is that!

What the above CSS is doing:

  1. @media (min-width: 993px) {} is a CSS media query that we use so that the two column layout only applies to medium devices and larger. We want this because two columns would not fit on mobile devices. On mobile devices, the WooCommerce Checkout Page reverts back to one column.
  2. The last few lines make the two columns.

Step 2: There is no step two

That's all there is. Now you have a two column WooCommerce Checkout Page. Best of all, it works responsively on mobile devices, as per below.

Two column WooCommerce Checkout Page
Two column WooCommerce Checkout Page that works responsively on mobile devices and only requires a little bit of CSS to implement.

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