Cwicly has been discontinued. I would recommend you check out Bricks – probably the fastest growing Page Builder in WordPress right now. It’s very very good, loads fast, clean code and easy-to-use!

Watch my Bricks Builder tutorial videos on YouTube.

In the video, I will compare Cwicly to BricksGeneratePress + Generate Blocks, KadenceWP and GreenShift and you will see why I recommend Cwicly in 2024. I will also share the 1 feature I MUST-HAVE in a builder these days, that only Bricks and Cwicly has.

If you use my Affiliate Link to purchase Cwicly, please email me and I will give you free access to my paid course titled “Code Snippet Plugins are the devil!”. 

In this course, I will show you how to ditch Code Snippet plugins and I will show you how to add your code into your own custom WordPress plugin – they way WordPress was designed to work.

I will also give you my starter plugin in this course and show you how to use it.

This course is currently $47 (but free when you use my affiliate link for Cwicly).

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By purchasing through the link above, you will get free access to my $47 course “Code Snippet plugins are the Devil”